Power Core S85 deck

Razor Power Core S85 kids electric review - best for children 8 to 12

December 01, 2022Eilis Barrett

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

By Richard Beech, aged 33, and Gabes, 10

The Razor Power Core S85 is our recommended electric scooter for younger secondary-school kids based on both our expert assessment and our child tester. (Jump to how we tested and important safety info).

Our Razor reviewer

Good for

  • Kids aged eight to twelve


  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Quality


  • Noise
  • 35-minute maximum run time

Expert verdict

Components & build quality 
Safety & security
Performance & handling
Comfort & practicality
Value for money

This is the scooter we think is the best and safest for children aged 8 to 12. The top speed of 10mph is lower than the 15mph of the Zinc Ecoplus but the safety and build quality of this are on a different level.

Thick razor tyres

Just take a look at the difference between the front tyres here - the Razor is a lot smoother and sturdier with its thick-tread eight-inch tyres.

This isn’t just a safety feature, it’s also a usability feature.

The Razor S85 can be ridden on trails and bumpier ground more easily than the other kids' scooters we've tested here.

I feel very comfortable recommending you buy this for your 8-12 year old child. (See our best electric kids scooters for other ages.) 

What we loved:

I’ve already mention the thick tread tyres and they are pneumatic, which adds further cushioning that acts as a quasi suspension.

The S85 has both a lever brake and a footbrake. This ensures your child can come to a stop quickly if they have to.

Razor deck

The handle bars on the S85 are covered in a soft cover, making it easy going on the hands and wrists.

What we didn't like

If I was going to change one thing about this scooter, it would be to make it a little quieter. The Razor’s motor is louder than its rivals' but I suppose the other way of looking at this is that people will hear your child coming, which is probably an unintended safety feature. 

The 35-minute ride time might not be long enough for some kids. 

Gabe's verdict:

"This is comfortable and nice ... and very fast. Very, very, very fast.

"It's also very fun. I really like the big pneumatic tire at the front which makes rough ground feel way more comfortable.

"And t's really a nice design - I like it a lot."

Specs and performance


The combination of its 12v battery and its hub motor will produce a top speed of 10mph, and a continuous run time of 35 minutes at a time, which is a little on the short side. 


With 8 inch tyres, one being pneumatic and the other being airless, this is a well-specced scooter with safety at the forefront.

A hub motor and the scooter's tyre choice also mean it's a relatively maintenance free scooter. There's not a great deal that should go wrong with the Razor S85, even after your child has put it through its paces. It's rear wheel drive, which, I have to say, is always a bit more fun than front wheel drive.

The build quality is impressive. It feels like Razor have used their decades of micro scooter experience to build something bombproof. The S85 owners’ manual comes with detailed instructions on how to replace parts if anything goes wrong, right down to the brakes and tyres. Not everyone wants to be doing this themselves, but it just shows that Razor care about their customers, which is nice to see. 

Manufacturer specs

Power and performance

  • Max speed: 10mph (16km/h)
  • Max distance: 35 minutes
  • Motor power: 90W rear-wheel hub driven
  • Charging time: Around 12 hours
  • Battery type / capacity: 12V sealed lead-acid
  • Removable battery: Not for charging


  • Wheel type: Rear: airless, flat-free. Front: spoked, urethane
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Dimensions: 33.6x15.8x35.0" (85.4 x 40 x 89 cm)
  • Maximum load: 54kg
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Drive type: Hub driven
  • Brakes system: Hand operated front brake plus rear-fender brake


  • Kick stand: Retractable
  • Brake control: Hand (front) and foot (rear)
  • Handlebar grips: Steel handlebars and foam grips
  • Throttle: Push button

How we tested the Core S85

  • We’ve assessed each scooter for components and build quality, safety and security, performance and handling, comfort and practicality, and value for money.
  • And as well as our expert assessment, we made use of Gabes (who is 10), an existing electroheads fan and electric scooter rider - his verdict is based on a lengthy ride on various surfaces

Important legal and safety information

  • It is essential to wear a helmet when using an electric scooter. These are motorised vehicles and you should also consider knee and elbow protectors. Make sure your child understands how to stop and start safely.  
  • Kids scooters aren't waterproof unless stated - this one is not. Do not use in the wet as you can damage the battery, which can become dangerous.  
  • Currently privately-owned electric scooters are legal on private property with the owner's permission. They are not to be used on roads, cycle lanes or footpaths in the UK, although the government has said it will legislate on this before the spring. It is your responsibility to drive your escooter lawfully. You accept all risk and liability for using scooter products.