Our reviewer riding Riley RS1 electric scooter

Riley RS1 review - “The perfect e-scooter for beginners”

February 22, 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The Riley RS1 electric scooter is practical, easy-to-use and a very handsome solution to your daily riding needs – and it’s perfect for the beginner rider looking to get their excited hands on a their first eride. Ooo exciting!

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your commute, get about town, or simply take a scooter with you wherever you go, the RS1 ticks all the boxes when it comes to what an electric scooter should provide, and at £399 you’re not going to find a better package for less.

Riley RS1 electric scooter

Good for:

  • Beginner riders
  • Urban commutes
  • Daily and leisure riding


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Folds down
  • Removable battery


  • Not available in different colours
  • You won’t be able to stop riding, it’s too good

Expert verdict:

The Riley RS1 is the perfect example of a ‘does what it says on the tin’ electric scooter, and I mean that in the best possible way. There’s no fuss or confusion, it’s as straightforward as it comes, and that unlocks the sheer joy of riding an electric scooter, – with that I think it’s easily one of the most appealing first purchases for any budding erider.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings

That being said, even if you’ve been riding an escooter for a while and are looking for your next purchase, the RS1 should definitely be considered.

If one of my friends was looking for their first electric scooter, I’d point them in the direction of the RS1, time and time again. Reliable, practical, and simply a smile-inducing riding experience, this is a scooter I could confidently ride every day.

I hope that through the rest of this review you can see why the RS1 fully deserves the four star rating as one of the best value for money scooters out there. Did I mention that it only costs £399?


Battery 5Ah
Charging time 2 hours
Motor 350W - 36v Motor with 700W Peak Capacity
Max Speed 25km/h
Electric power range 15.5m / 25km
Max load 120kg before performance drop
Expand Size 1131 x 170 x 1181mm
Folded size 1131 x 170 x 485mm
Weight 13kg - Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Color Gunmetal Grey
Tyre size 10"
Tyre properties Pneumatic air tyre
Braking system Disk brake, E-ABS brake and pedal brake
Riding modes Three drive modes
Light LED head and tail light system

Riley RS1 in detail


The Riley RS1 has a 350W motor that allows the scooter to reach speeds of up to 25km/h, and I found the RS1 did this with ease, potentially due to it weighing in at a lightweight 13kg. Additionally I thought the thumb-activated throttle input was responsive and didn’t have any frustrating lag.

It’s easy to describe every electric scooter as ‘nippy’ but I really enjoyed the direct power deployment of the RS1 as I applied the throttle – it made me want to keep on riding, and also gave me the confidence getting going from a standstill.

With three different speed modes, limiting to 8/15/25 km/h, riders of varied confidence will be able to hop on and ride at the speed that suits them best – but also if you just wanted to slow down and take in the view, you can do that.

As I really wanted to push the performance and see what the RS1 had to offer, I was running it in the highest speed setting, but I found that the same responsiveness carried across all three modes.

Riley RS1 handlebar and throttle

It’s very easy to get tied up in motor this, wattage that, an often overlooked element of performance is the tyres. The Riley RS1 has 10” pneumatic tyres that provide plenty of grip and help smooth out imperfections of the road surface. I’m not a fan of honeycomb or solid tyres, and at Electroheads we think that the bigger wheels are significantly safer and better all-round.

I found you could really carry speed through corners, and not have any fear of losing grip or slipping.

When it comes to range, the Riley RS1 offers up to 15 miles which isn’t a headline stat, but it does offer more than enough for daily or weekly riding. If I was riding this every day, I’d have no issue in completing my journey and charging it up in time for my next trip – for comparison it offers similar range stats to the 8TEV B12 Proxi, which is more than double the price.

If you were looking for more range, you can upgrade to the Riley RS2 which features nearly double the range in the same accessible package as the RS1.

Comfort and Handling

I found the Riley RS1 to be a comfortable and easy-to-ride electric scooter. There were no nasty surprises whilst out riding, and I could happily complete daily journeys if this was my scooter – and if electric scooters were legal in the UK. Grrr.

The rubber footplate was grippy and I didn’t experience any foot slip whilst out on a ride. It was slightly on the narrower side, especially in comparison to scooters like the Navee N65 or the Techtron Ultra 5000 – but this isn’t a major sticking point in my opinion, just personal preference.

Reviewer highlighting Riley RS1 electric scooter deck

I believe the main component in giving the RS1 a comfortable ride is the aforementioned 10” pneumatic tyres. Despite the RS1 going without suspension, the spongy tyres plug that gap by soaking up the lumps, bumps, and knobbly bits on the road/path surface, negating that annoying deck or handlebar rattle that so many scooters suffer from.

If you’re riding every day, or know your ride tackles a number of different surfaces or transitions, it can become quite tiring on your arms and legs riding an uncomfortable scooter – I don’t think you’d suffer those symptoms whilst riding the RS1.

Additionally the RS1 features a cruise control system that works across all three speed modes. I found this to be particularly handy in giving the throttle thumb a rest and allowing me to have both hands completely on the handlebars at all times. Activated after holding the throttle for a little over 10 seconds, the cruise control really boosts your comfort and security whilst riding.


The Riley RS1 boasts three different braking systems to help you slow down, fast. First of all there’s the responsive disc brake on the rear wheel that provides instant and reliable stopping power – I found that the rear wasn’t prone to locking, and was easy to grab a bit of brake before a tighter corner.

Riley RS1 electric scooter rear disc brake

Then there’s an e-ABS brake on the front wheel which helps maintain your speed whilst on the downhill or whilst coasting to a stop. Not only does it monitor your speed but also regenerates electricity for the battery, essentially paying you back with a little bit more range.

Finally the RS1 has a rear fender brake, the old-school way of slowing down. Easy to use and effective in providing some light braking input, I found that the fender brake also allowed me to execute emergency stops. I could grab the disc brake and fender brake at the same time and come to a stop quickly – something that’s definitely worth having at your disposal on daily rides.

The Riley RS1 folds down at the base of the stem, but even better, it then locks into place meaning the whole scooter can be carried by your side. I found the process was super easy, and very quick, I also found the lock was sturdy and wouldn’t come unlatched whilst walking.

Our reviewer carrying the Riley RS1 electric scooter

At 13kg as well, I didn’t have any issues carrying the RS1 up and down stairs, or walking with it in hand – definitely making it more appealing to those who might want an electric scooter for their commute.

One of my favourite features of the Riley RS1 is the removable battery – Ok, it’s not tucked away in the stem like in the Decent ONE, but it’s easy to remove and take with you. I’m a fan of this for two reasons: firstly it means you don’t have to take the scooter with you everywhere you go. You can happily leave it inside the front door instead of having to lug it around to the nearest plug, and ruin your carpet in the process. The battery can easily be plugged in at your desk whilst you work, or tucked away out of sight.

Our reviewer removes Riley RS1 electric scooter battery

Electroheads highly recommend getting your hands on a fireproof bag or box, just to be extra safe when charging.

Secondly, a removable battery is a big factor in dissuading thieves from getting their hands on your scooter. Without a battery, the potential for your eride to be poached is massively reduced. Factor in that Riley have an app on the way to allow you to lock your scooter externally and you’ve got yourself a very safe electric scooter.

The RS1 features an integrated front and rear light, the former can be activated by the control inputs on the throttle system, the latter comes on when you hit the brakes It was bright, and definitely visible in low lighting. I’d really like the fact it’s got both lights and I really rate the additional touch from Riley to pack some reflectors in the box for you to add to the wheel supports on both the front and rear.

Riley RS1 electric scooter kickstand

Small, but definitely something I enjoyed seeing on the RS1 was the kickstand – helpful for storage and for being able to hop on and off at a second’s notice.

The Riley RS1 is the benchmark for affordable, accessible and crucially enjoyable eriding, and could very easily be the perfect first electric scooter for you. At only £399, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better package for less, but if you do then write me a letter.