Tenways CGO600 Review: I've tested dozens of E-bikes and here's one I LOVE!

Tenways CGO600 Review: I've tested dozens of E-bikes and here's one I LOVE!

March 26, 2022Richard Beech

The Tenways CGO600 is undoubtedly the electric bike we've been talking about most in the Electroheads office in 2022 – and you'll almost certainly agree why.

Update: the Tenways CGO600 Pro is out now - see our full review

It delivers incredible performance, is an absolute joy to ride, and packs some high quality features inside a handsome aluminium frame – the Tenways CGO600 is the all-round e-bike. Are you on board yet?

If not, let's dive in, here's what we think you need to know!

What we love about the CGO600

The standout feature of the Tenways CGO600 is just how it feels to ride – it's incredibly smooth. It's a genuine joy to be in the saddle, and Eilis used the bike for months as her daily commuter with no complaints. We tried to get her to complain about something on the bike and she just couldn't.

Three power modes from the 250W rear hub motor allows a mix of assistance, but ultimately keeps you in control and confident whilst out on the road. If you're a less experienced rider, you'll have no issues with jumping on and riding away without hesitation.

That seriously smooth ride is down to the Tenways CGO600's torque sensored power assistance, which is more advanced and overall just better than cadence sensors. This means the bike will deliver power in a smoother and better judged manner, none of those saddle-jerking, pedal-shaking, wibbly-wobbly moments you can get on some e-bikes.

Tenways claim the CGO600 can make 70km/43mi in range, in the real world we found it offered just over 40km/30mi which is more than enough to use as a daily commuter. Plus with the 36V, 7ah battery only needing 2.5 hours to charge, this really is one of the most accessible and user-friendly e-bikes on the market.

Video Review

Kick back, relax, here's Eilis to talk you through why she's fallen head over heels for the Tenways CGO600. If it's not for you, check out our collections of lightweight electric bikes (like the Emu Evo Crossbar), fast ebikes (like the ADO Air 20) or long-range ebikes (like the Engwe EP-2 PRO)