Best folded electric bikes

The best 6 folding electric bikes from all our UK reviews

29 January 2024Eilis Barrett

These are all the folding ebikes we've reviewed and given 4 or 5 stars to from the dozens we've ridden.

Fold testing

Each has been assessed for:

  • build quality;
  • safety and security;
  • handling and performance;
  • comfort and practicality.

And remember that just because a bike is foldable, doesn't mean it's easy to carry or take on trains - many bikes are foldable for storage reasons.

Jump to a specific one of our favourites:

Five-star folding bikes

  1. Estarli e20.7, £1,425: best entry-level for commuters
  2. MiRider One GB3, £2,495: top of the range
  3. ADO Air 20, £1,279: our best seller
  4. ADO Beast A20F, £1,362

Four-star folding bikes

  1. Engwe Engine X, £1,050: best value option
  2. Axon Pro Lite:, £1,699: ideal for taking on public transport

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Estarli e20.7, £1,425: "I love this bike"

Weight: 18kg | Range: 31 miles | Wheel Size: 20 inches

estarli reviewer

See the full review of the estarli e20 plus all the ratings and spec info.  

The Estarli e20 is a perfect entry-level folding ebike. It’s just over £1,000 but we think it has a lot to offer for its price bracket. We found it light and comfy to ride. The larger tyres than most folding bikes (20 inch rather than 16 inch) mean you get power, comfort and good handling. It's got a 7-speed manual gear and 5 power assist modes. Not only that it looks great, with the battery cleverly hidden in the seat post. 

We found it wasn't the most compact bike when folded. And its other drawback is range - 31 miles from the slightly small battery (the price that had to paid for concealing it so well). But these are only minor quibbles - this a great, good value bike and is the one to beat in our tests. 

  • Pros: Comfy, great off-road performance, larger tyres than rivals, battery cleverly hidden
  • Cons: Not the most compact folder, range of 31 miles. 

ADO AIR 20, £1,279: our best seller

Weight: 18kg | Range: 60 miles | Wheel Size: 20 inches

Read our full review of the Ado Air 20

Ado AIr 20 being reviewed

This eyecatching electric bike features 20-inch wheels for a touch more stability (than the 16 inch wheels found on most electric bikes). The single speed, carbon belt drive system (instead of a traditional chain drive) has been designed for minimal maintenance, making this a great bike for people who just want to hop on a bike and ride without any fuss. It’s quick, nimble and weighs in at 18kg.

Whilst this version does not feature suspension - a suspension version of the bike is available (the ADO Air 20 S) for an additional £100 or so.

As well as a high-tech carbon belt drive, it also features hydraulic brakes as standard - giving it excellent stopping power and adding to its safety value. 

All in all, it’s a very comfortable and smooth ebike to ride. It’s a 5 out of 5 across all criteria, which is why it’s our best seller at Electroheads.

This isn’t just made for folding and carrying - we were REALLY impressed with the ride quality. It gets you up to 15.5mph incredibly quickly and maintains that assist. It’s also got a torque sensor so you can apply more or less power through the pedals as you need.

We found it easy to squeeze through tight gaps – like standstill traffic – thanks to the smaller width handlebars, so you can kiss congestion goodbye.

  • Pros: Comfy, powerful, nippy, responsive, good range.
  • Cons: No suspension (but suspension version is available - ADO Air S), magnetic catch is an optional add on

Buy directly from ADO UK

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ADO Beast A20F, £1,362: "An electric bike with OOMPH"

Weight: 27.3kg | Range: 74.5 miles | Wheel Size: 20 inches

Read our full review of the ADO Beast A20F

The Beast is another high-spec folding ebike ideal for people who are looking to do some rough terrain riding.

It’s definitely on the heavier side, but we found the powerful 250W motor makes the Beast feel nippy on any terrain due to its impressive 60nm torque. An impressive 74-mile range, 7-speed gear set, lightweight pedals, hydraulic disk brakes and chunky, fat tyres make the Beast a strong contender as one of the best folding electric bikes.

Overall, we loved the Beast and, despite its weight, found it perfect for commuting and leisure rides alike. The Beast is a great choice if you're looking for an electric bike that is powerful, comfortable and has a great range. 

Pros: Long range, extremely comfortable, great on and off road, Ppowerful ( really is a beast)

Cons: Heavy, large even when folded 

Buy directly from ADO UK

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    Mirider One GB3, £2,495: "you get what you pay for"

    Weight: 19.4kg | Range: 45 miles | Wheel Size: 16 inches

    Read our full review of the Mirider One GB3

    Mider One GB3 being tested

    A high-spec folding ebike ideal for people who are limited on space as we found it folds down well.

    It’s not cheap - but our tests show you get what you pay for. A rapid charge battery (2-3 hours), an impressive 45-mile range, 3-speed belt drive, lightweight pedals, hydraulic brakes, super comfortable gel Selle Royal saddle and puncture protected Schwalbe tyres.

    We found it very comfortable to ride, partly due to the rear damper. We loved the bright, clear display and it has VERY good brakes.

    • Pros: High spec, comfortable, great brakes, good weight (19.4kg)
    • Cons: Not the cheapest

    Buy directly from MiRider

    Axon Pro Lite, £1,699: "ideal for public transport"

    Weight: 15kg | Range: 25 miles | Wheel Size: 16 inches

    The most affordable Axon model has a clever feature where the motor is also a magnet, meaning it holds together well when folded. The Pro Lite is an ultra-lightweight folding electric bike at only 15kg. You pay for the weight reduction with reduced range - at 25 miles we found it has the lowest range out of all the bikes on this list.

    But our tests show it’s ideal for city commuting - it handled our journey across the city and back, and it folds down to a compact form that you can carry on trains and buses.

    We found the pedal sensor takes a few rotations before the assist kicks in - but you can change this in the settings for a quicker activation. You have to grab the seat post to carry it which we didn’t think was the most comfortable for long distances. On the other hand, the folding system is so easy to do, this is made for carrying on to public transport or to your car.

    • Pros: Very light (15kg), easy to fold
    • Cons: Short range (25 miles), awkward to carry long distances

    Engwe Engine X, £1,050: "best value"

    Weight: 32kg | Range: 74 miles | Wheel Size: 20 inches

    Engwe reviewer

    This is a ridiculously good value folding fat-tyre bike. It has a big battery as well as mechanical disk brakes and fat tyres. In our tests we found it great for cruising on and off road and we really appreciated the full suspension.

    It’s the cheapest bike in this list - its main compromise is the weight. At 32kg we found it a beast to drag around when not riding but on the plus side we enjoyed the stability this gives off road.

    • Pros: Cheap, comfy.
    • Cons35 miles range, 32kg weight

    Buy the Engwe Engine X:

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    Folding bikes compared

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    How we test

    Our expert testers ride all the bikes we get in to review, and we assess them against a range of criteria on road, off-road and in our testing rooms.

    For instance, after practicing the fold of each bike we time how long it takes to do. We wheel the bike along to see how well this works - a lot of bikes fold for storage reasons, not for compact transport. And we point out if there is any sort of latch to keep the bike folded - and also check where the chain ends up (as it can get your clothes dirty if it's on the outside of the fold).

    See our full list of best adult electric bikes, all adult electric bikes, and all the folding ebikes we sell. You can also see all our electric folding bike reviews. And here is our guide to lightweight ebikes

    Fact check: Prices, availability and specs for this guide were last checked and updated on 29 January 2024. The estarli e16.7 was removed as it has been discontinued.

    The two MATE bikes before our on-road testingRiding on-road for testing of comfort and ride quality 

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