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Temple Classic and Step Through electric bike review: Stability and Style

21 November 2022Eilis Barrett

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Established in 2014, Temple Cycles is known for their classically styled steel-frame bikes and, for me, they've really managed to hold on to that signature styling with their electric models (two very similar bikes - a classic-framed version and a step through).

I think it's very easy to slap on a battery pack and compromise on styling but I really don't feel like they've done that with this bike. They've really kept the Integrity of their brand. Let’s see how they perform.

Temple Step Through in motion

Good for

  • Commuters
  • Leisure cyclists
  • Shorter riders (step-through model)



  • Expensive
  • Seat initially

Expert verdict

This electric bike is so responsive and effortlessly powerful. I spent a month with it and it's been such a joy to have as a part of my day-to-day commuting. The way it's been engineered you can tell that they really have thought about every single nut and bolt.

When bike brands who were originally non-electric move to electric they can sometimes flounder but Temple have really mastered what an electric bike of this caliber in this price bracket should be. It’s got great looks, is made to last and a dream to ride.

    Temple Classic side view

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    Range 60-120km
    Battery Samsung 504Wh Lithium-ion
    Motor Mid-drive 80Nm with torque sensor
    Removable battery Yes
    Power levels 5
    Weight 19kg (medium and step through) 19.1kg (large)
    Tyres Puncture resistant
    Brakes Hydraulic disc Shimano MT-200
    Frame Aircraft-grade aluminium
    Gears Shimano Altus 9-speed
    Lights Integrated with light sensor
    Mudguards Yes

    Quality Temple ebike handle

    The Temple ebikes in detail

    Performance and handling

    The first thing I noticed riding this is the mid-drive motor, which gives this bike fantastic balance. The power just feels like a wonderful extension of your own pedalling and the torque sensor picks up on every little push with the right amount of assistance.

    You get a lovely riding feel on this bike and it’s super stable. The large wheels mean that you have a lot of contact with the road, so it’s also great for handling tighter corners.

    On top of this, the nine gears make it easy to tackle any kind of hill or slope - and it also handles really well over grass off-road. I've been riding this on flat roads and up hills as part of my commute and you have this beautiful contact with a perfect amount of resistance, whatever the terrain - ably assisted by the motor of course.

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    Comfort and practicality

    The way that the handlebars have been positioned give you a lovely wide stance which means that you're able to spread your weight out a bit more.

    I'm really comfortable and confident when I'm going at speed with this bike. I found it really easy, for instance, to take my hand off and indicate - there are some bikes where I struggle a little bit with this due to their lack of stability.

    The riding position is a little bit lower down than I normally like (I prefer that kind of Dutch style upright riding position) but it's not like it’s too low and once used to it, I thought this was a lovely height for me with lovely positioning.

    Brooks saddle on Temple electric bike

    One thing to note (just a slight gripe) is the fact that because this has such a solid frame, and a new Brooks saddle, you do need to keep an eye out for potholes because if you hit one and you're not expecting it, you certainly feel it. (Brook Saddles are often considered the gold standard of seats but the leather does take some breaking in).

    Components and build quality

    The Classic and step through models have 250 watt Bafang motors that deliver up to 80 newton meters of torque - so they're pretty punchy.

    The removable battery is a fantastic feature - you can charge it separately and it’s a great security feature as well. It has has 504 Watt hour capacity which delivers around 34 to 73 miles of range depending on the level of assist, weight and terrain.

    Rear side view of Temple Classic

    Looks-wise, I love the contrasting colours that you get across the bike, with the black contrasting with the blues and browns.

    The integrated front and rear lights are automatic, another nice touch. Overall, every component and part on this bike really feels like is it plays a part it feels like it's all been thought through - even the sound. Just listening to how the gears change is so pleasing.


    The hydraulic brakes work well. Out on the roads I have been in a few hairy incidents with cars coming at me sideways not seeing me unfortunately and I've always been able to stop in time.

    Value for money

    Obviously this is a top-end bike, and the guarantee reflects this. There is a five-year warranty on the frame and forks plus two years on the electrics.

    Temple Classic side view

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