Our reviewer with the Tiger SHARK electric bike

Tiger SHARK review: "Reliable, practical, and versatile"

07 February 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The Tiger SHARK is an accessible, fun and easy-to-use electric mountain bike that suits both the beginner and experienced rider. Whether you enjoy taking on trails or just want to get across town, the Tiger has functionality and practicality to match a variety of uses for only £1,650.

But of course, it’s built with tackling off-road in mind – and that’s where the Tiger really comes into its own.

It also offers simplicity and usability – you don’t have to be a professional trail rider to enjoy the Tiger, but likewise if you want to bomb through the countryside then this will appeal to you. And you won’t need to remortgage your life just to get your hands on one.

Good for:

  • Off-road
  • Daily riding
  • Holidays or getaway trips
  • Beginners and confident riders


  • Easy to use
  • Good power assist
  • 24 speed Shimano gear set, perfect for inclines
  • Comfortable to ride on all surfaces
  • Removable battery


  • Weight, 30kg is on the heavier side
  • Battery was difficult to remove
  • Some sluggish moments with power delivery

Expert verdict:

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings

The Tiger SHARK is a balanced, and all-rounder electric mountain bike that will serve both the die-hard mountain trailhead and novice off-roader with equal respect.

Offering great versatility across terrains, and its usability, means the Tiger SHARK isn’t confined to just excelling off-road, in fact this could very easily function as a cross-town ebike if the mountain bike style and feel is more to your taste than a road bike, or you just so happen to live in the Shire and your name's Frodo.


Tiger SHARK stood in park


That adaptability means you’re basically getting two bikes for the price of one – and who doesn’t love a deal?

It was whilst riding the Tiger SHARK that electric mountain biking clicked in my head – I almost can’t imagine doing trail riding any other way, and this is the bike that convinced me.


Max speed 15.5mph
Distance 30 miles minimum
Motor power 36V / 250W rear hub
Speed modes 6
Battery Samsung
Removable battery Yes
Suspension Front Suntour
Wheel size 27.5" or 29"
Weight 30kg
Maximum load 100kg
Recommended age 14+
Gears 24-speed Shimano Altus
Brakes Font and rear Tektro disk brakes
Display Yes
Kick stand Alloy


Tiger Shark in detail


The Tiger SHARK applies the characteristics that make ebikes so fun to ride, and applies them in a refined off-road package. Six different speed modes allow you to buzz up any steep incline with alarming ease – seriously, I took on some very daunting hills with the Tiger and was genuinely laughing when I got to the top.

I found those six different pedal assist modes could be switched between to match the terrain, but also to give a confidence inspiring boost along the flat or on an urban cycle path. I honestly believe that’s what gives this bike an appeal for everyone for any purpose – yes, you can ride it on some pretty intense topography, but you could also use this as a daily rider.


Tiger SHARK rear hub and gear set


The 250W rear hub motor provides the maximum power that UK legislation allows, I found the Tiger SHARK was good at deploying that allowance but it did leave me wanting more at times. I noted that it took a longer pedal rotation or at least a little more effort to get that pedal assist initiated and I felt the power taper off when you got up to speed, particularly along flatter terrain, requiring you to keep pedalling to ensure you were getting that assistance. Overall, it was of greater effort to remain at around 20km/h.

Factored with the 30kg weight of the bike, and your legs definitely notice that extra effort on a longer ride – but that’s quickly overwhelmed by the sense of achievement having conquered a trail or off-road route.

One of the strong points of the bike is definitely the range – I completed a number of miles on the bike and never experienced the battery rapidly diminishing. I could use this bike for a week for daily trips with little concern, and wouldn’t be worried about running out of charge halfway home.

Comfort and Handling

The Tiger SHARK is a very comfortable bike to ride across all terrains which enhances its usability for all types of rider.

With two frame sizes to choose from, 27.5 and 29 inch, the Tiger accounts for even the taller adult looking to whizz off through the countryside or make molehills out of mountains.



Tiger SHARK frame detail

 I found that the biggest factor in the ride quality was the SR SUNTOUR front fork suspension which was extremely effective in soaking up the big and little bumps with equal ease. Negating that handlebar rattle provides instant confidence to push on without the frankly annoying arm fatigue that comes with riding off-road for extended periods.

The suspension can be locked or opened with the switch on top of the front right fork, this enables you to lock it stiff when on a cycle path and open it up again when you hit the fun stuff. This can be done whilst riding, but I wouldn’t advise the beginner rider to be looking away from where they’re headed for too long – especially if you’re cutting between pines on a forest trail.

I never tire of talking tyres, and the Kenda set on the Tiger SHARK were excellent in providing plenty of grip on looser terrains, but also allowing cycling on city surfaces with ease. Additionally they provide an extra couple inches of natural suspension movement, which just increases the ride comfort.

Tiger SHARK tyres and suspension detail

 The saddle, whilst more on the sporty side, is well sized and comfortable to use even for longer rides – I’m pretty picky when it comes to saddles and had no issue with this.

I do think the 30kg weight does play an overall part in reducing the handling of the bike, and you do notice that there is just that little more mass to move around – but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the ride or wanting to get out for more.


The Tiger SHARK has front and rear Tektro hydraulic disk brakes which are effective a particularly handy if you’ve reached the downhill leg of your ride.

I wouldn’t say they had the out-and-out responsiveness of other electric mountain bikes from higher price brackets that I have ridden, but there’s nothing particularly negative about their stopping abilities. In fact, if this is your first electric mountain bike then you’d find no issues.


One of my favourite features on the Tiger SHARK is the removable battery. It’s something we talk about a lot at Electroheads primarily for safety reasons, but being able to remove the battery is also really handy for making sure your charged up and ready to take on your next adventure – no one wants to squeeze a muddy mountain bike inside to charge. Watch the sofa, and the carpet etc.

Whilst a great feature I felt this was slightly hampered by the lock and release system for the battery, which did make the battery slightly difficult to remove from the frame.


Tiger SHARK battery removed from frame

 I love tracking my rides – be it reading my average speed, remaining range, or simply just how fast I’m going in that moment, I very much enjoy keeping tabs on my stats whilst I ride. The Tiger SHARK has big and well-placed screen that enables you to keep an eye on all your riding stats whilst on the go, and with comparative ease.

I wish all ebikes had a screen like this, however the only slightly upgrade I would like to see would be the addition of bigger buttons, or buttons that at least had a greater haptic feel to let you know when you’ve made an input.

Tiger SHARK screen

I think one of the biggest selling points of the Tiger SHARK is the fact that, despite being electric, it’s very much still a mountain bike.

With that in mind, I’d have no concerns about servicing this bike myself, or making upgrades or changes to modify it to better fit my tastes. This gives the mountain bike enthusiast every opportunity to really make this bike your own, and for the novice or new ebike rider, it offers a simple package to maintain.

For tackling the forests and hillside trails, to getting around the urban jungle, the Tiger SHARK electric mountain bike has reliability, practicality, and versatility crammed into a £1,650 package.