8TEV C12 Roam review: three IS the magic number

8TEV C12 Roam review: three IS the magic number

20 September 2022Richard Beech

Two wheels? Yawn. That's SO yesterday. Three really is the magic number, say hello to the 8TEV C12 Roam.

We think that this is the internet's first in-depth review of what is potentially the most appealing e-rides on the market today.

Here's what you need to know!

The bits we like

It's impossible to ignore the big feature of the C12, and that's the third wheel up front. Unlike traditionally unstable three-wheelers (Reliant Robin, cough) the third wheel is at the front, giving the C12 an exceptional riding experience.

There's an overriding sense of stability, which is only matched by the invitation to carve, slalom, and lean into corners. Also the maple ply platform reduces any annoying road buzz and is wide enough for you to pick whatever stance is most comfortable.

A peak power of 250W gives you plenty of push to play with and a range of 42km/26 miles means you can keep enjoying that riding experience for a long time.

The standout feature of the 8TEV C12 has to be the brakes. Tektro hydraulic brakes and dual piston callipers can literally have you stopping in an instance – something that is highly overlooked in the wider E-Scooter market.

In addition to having brilliant performance on-road (so great for commuters), the C12 is perfectly capable of taking on the challenge of rough terrain and gravel. It doesn't lose any of that super fun feel once the surface changes.

The bits we don't like as much

At 19kg this isn't the lightest e-scooter out there, and that isn't a problem when you're moving but it is when it comes to getting off the mark.

When you do a push start it does take a little bit longer to get going if you are on the lowest speed mode, largely due to this mode helping conserve battery.

Reality is, that's not real issue when you're too busy smiling your head off as you carve your way to your destination. You can buy the 8TEV C12 Roam electric scooter here

Video Review

Check out our full video review of the 8TEV C12 Roam, and let us know what you think. Does it tick your boxes?

Rich takes it out for a ride, and yes, it was exceptionally difficult to get him off it when he came back to the office.