Techtron Ultra 5000 Review: the best affordable electric scooter I've EVER ridden

Techtron Ultra 5000 Review: the best affordable electric scooter I've EVER ridden

23 February 2023Richard Beech

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

By Richard Beech

Want a scooter that's heavy duty but light on your pockets? Well say hello to the £499 Techtron Ultra 5000, an escooter that we think will shake up the status quo of the electric scooter market.

FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE You now can't buy the original Ultra 5000 as a new version is imminent with improved IPx6 water resistance, regenerative braking and turn indicators. You can preorder the new, improved Ultra 5000 from us NOW for £20 (refundable if you change your mind) - Techtron tell us is should arrive in the UK by the end of March or mid April. 

Good for

  • Anyone wanting quality AND value
  • Heavier riders


  • Great value
  • Sturdy, quality feel
  • Comfy with dual suspension
  • Brake lights


  • Heavy
  • Cornering a bit tricky
  • IPx4 waterproof rating (shallow puddles, very light rain only) UPDATE The new version will be a much improved IPx6

Expert verdict

I really like this. It's comfy with lots of high-end features like power modes and dual suspension. It's a great competitor to the Xiaomi pro 2 but has more features. However, at 20kg it is heavy - up there with a lot of ebikes' weight.

Overall though, at £500 the Techtron Ultra 5000 is so much more capable than other scooters in a similar price bracket. Even ignoring the price, I think it's just a really good e-scooter.

Rich testing the Techtron Ultra 5000

Techtron Ultra 5000 Specs

Max speed 25kmh (up to 40 with app override)
Range 40km
Motor  500W (max 1000W)
Speed modes Eco, drive, power
Cruise control Yes
Charge time 6 hours
Water resistance Ip4
Whees 10 inch
Hill 20%
Weight 22.3kg
Unfolded size 1230 x 1210mm
Folded size 1230 x 560mm
Max load 120kg

TechTron Ultra 5000 detailed review 

Ride quality

It's got dual suspension and squishy 10 inch wheels, which are slightly bigger than you would get on a normal escooter. This makes it feel really solid - I found it a rugged and hard-wearing scooter that soaked up the bumpy city roads I drove on and it rode over potholes easily. The 10 inch wheels also give it a good ground clearance. 

Front and rear suspension, which can feel a little hard to begin with (I imagine it will soften over time), really helps tackle bumpy roads and paths. Combined with the off-road tyres and I really felt I could take on any surface without concern.

One drawback is that the weight and height off the ground mean I found it a bit tricky to corner. A lot of the steering on a scooter is done with your body and it's just slightly harder to steer this thing (and i go to the gym three times a week. Honest.)

Techtron Ultra 5000 platform

With the slightly bigger frame and design, it's a very comfortable e-scooter for bigger or heavier rider who might not feel as confident on a smaller commuter scooter.


You get a lot of scooter for the price tag. It's chunky, sturdy, and big, but in the best ways Often e-rides can feel a bit cheap when going for a more bulky look, but the Ultra 5000 doesn't lose that quality feel. It can handle loads of up to 120kg (20kg more than some other models).

Techtron Ultra 5000 rear view

Speed and range

This rear-wheel drive scooter has a top speed of 25 kmh - this can be increased to 40 kmh using the app. It has a 40km range and took me six hours to charge up fully.

it has three modes - eco, sport and drive. My favourite mode is drive as eco isn't quite quick enough. If used on the road legally, it's nice to be able to get away from traffic lights fairly quickly when you've got cars enveloping you - and also on drive you can just stick cruise control on at 20kmh.

Techtron Ultra 5000 folded up

I'm a heavier man, weighing about 95 kilograms. This scooter says it can take anyone up to 120 kg and that certainly feels true. It's really easy for me to get up to the top speed and when  going up small inclines I found it handles fine. I feel pretty good on this scooter compared to something like a Xiaomi m365 which feels a little small and a little lightweight.

Extra features

When you press either of the brakes the rear light which is red flashes red to let people know that you are braking.

Accessories include a phone holder, bottle holder, front and rear mud guards, a horn and a bell.

It comes in neon colours - red, blue, yellow and green.

Preorder the upgraded Techtron Ultra 5000.

Techtron Ultra 5000 review

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