Electric bike conversion kits - which one is the best?

Everyone wants an electric bike, that's just a fact in 2023, but for many the price of a brand spanking new e-bike is simply out of reach.

That's where conversion kits come in. Take your trusty, beloved, and importantly cheaper pedal bike and upgrade it into the electric age - saving £1,000+.

What are e-bike conversion kits?

Electric bike conversion kits are exactly what they say on the tin; it's the addition of a electric motor system to a regular bike.

The usually contain a hub motor, a battery and controller system to deliver a ride experience similar to that on a bespoke electric bike.

These three parts work in unison to deliver electric power to a wheel, or through the pedal crank to add to the power you can produce with your legs.

Why are conversion kits so popular?

We get it: electric bikes are expensive. In our time exploring the world of electric mobility we hear on a regular basis about how price is the biggest obstacle to ditching your car or changing your commute.

That's exactly where conversion kits offer a solution – it's the cheapest way to get a high-quality electric bike .

Typically priced at around half the cost of a new electric bike, the conversion kits can be applied to your trusty old bicycle, or you could pick up a second hand bike for cheap and upgrade it to electric.

More and more people are turning to conversion kits to help them get back on the saddle, and spending more time riding.

What are the different kinds of conversion kits?

Electric bike conversion systems are likely to fall into one of the following three styles.
Wheel power

Wheel power

These type of systems deploy their power through a hub motor on the wheel, helping deliver assistance in a way exactly like bespoke electric bikes. These are our favourite kind of electric bike conversion kits, and probably the most popular out there.
Mid-drive Motor

Mid-drive Motor

Potentially the least discreet conversion format, mid-drive motors are attached to the pedal crank, and deliver their power by helping you turn the front gear via the chain. These types of system may also require quite a bit of manual assembly to instal.
Friction Drive

Friction Drive

These kits might look the strangest, but their concept is simple. A motor and battery unit attached to the saddle post has a wheel that spins and in turn helps drive the rear tyre around. Friction drive systems may lack the sensitivity and feel of the other kits.

Electroheads recommends - The Boost conversion kit

The easiest, most reliable, and highest performing option when it comes to electric bike conversions.

The Boost kit can be installed at your local bike shop, will fit almost every standard bicycle and delivers an organic and satisfying electric assistance that matches the ride experience of a bespoke electric bike.

We highly recommend their product as the go-to for anyone looking to upgrade thei bike.

Are electric bike conversion kits legal?

Yes! Electric bike conversion kits are legal provided they meet electric bike regulations where you are – so we highly recommend researching your local law.

For example, in the UK, the motor component in the kit must not exceed 250W of power, and the system cannot have a dedicated throttle that is deploys power without the need to pedal.

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