Using Electroheads ratings and awards

17 January 2022James Moore

The Electroheads star ratings and "best" awards are designed to help consumers find good quality electric bikes and scooters. They are editorially awarded by our panel of in-house experts on the basis of testing and riding experience.  

We allow brands to use these ratings and our awards logo to celebrate their success. This permission is subject to the following conditions:

1 To use the Electroheads ratings or award logos (EG "best for") on your website,  product packaging or adverts (and anywhere else visible by consumers), you need the explicit emailed permission of an Electroheads representative.

2 The specific usage must make it clear which product the awards logo applies to, either visually or with text. Some examples:

  • On a product-specific page, no context is needed. It will obviously apply to that product.
  • If on an index page or home page, the Electroheads badge either needs to be edited onto the image to which it applies, or some written text needs to make this clear.

3 You must provide a link to the relevant URL so that your website users can both confirm that the usage is genuine and see the full context of our award:

  • The relevant URL for a star rating is the review page of that product on the Electroheads website.
  • The relevant URL for a “best” badge is the relevant “best” page on the Electroheads website.  

4 This link must be somewhere obvious for users to find. Acceptable methods include:

  • Link the awards logo itself to the relevant URL
  • Add copy to the relevant page the awards logo is used on and link from that.
  • Write a blog post on your site and link from that to the relevant URL.
  • Create a news story or press release and link from that to the relevant URL. 

It is not acceptable to only use social media for this purpose, as your future website users will be unable to easily find this (although we would encourage you to tell your social media followers you have being highly rated by us.) 

5 The badge may be used, subject to condition 1 to 3 being met, in perpetuity as long as the reviewed product is not substantially altered or redesigned in a way that would affect its performance.

6 Electroheads reserves the right to edit the copy on the relevant URL (for instance if we rebase our performance criteria in future).

We will not change the ratings that we give products, but we might add information that this was awarded under older criteria.

If a product is no longer considered best, it would still be listed on the “best” page as a previous winner.

We will always give you at least 6 months notice of these changes.