We've been nominated for an award! Top Reviewer - Micromobility Industries' Rider's Choice Awards

We've been nominated for an award! Top Reviewer - Micromobility Industries' Rider's Choice Awards

02 November 2022Richard Beech

We're very excited to share with you that Electroheads has been nominated for a pretty big award!

You may have heard of Micromobility Industries, well in their first Annual Rider's Choice Awards we've been nominated in the Top Reviewer category.

If you've enjoyed our content this year, as much as we've enjoyed making it and sharing it with you, then click here to vote.

Winning the award would really round out 2022 in style. Obviously it would really mean a lot, not just for those who have appeared on camera but for the whole team at Electroheads who are always looking for the next e-ride story to tell.

Here's what lead presenter Eilis and Electroheads Co-Founder Dan had to say:


It's brilliant to be listed alongside some huge names in the Micromobility space. Being able to play a part in getting people out of tail-pipe emitting vehicles and onto cleaner, greener, less space-hogging modes of transport is all I could ask for. I've thoroughly enjoyed putting e-rides through their paces and sharing them with the Electroheads community! 



1) MM was conceived by Horace - who pretty much everyone in the e-mobility world thinks of as some kind of e-mobility messiah/deity. 
2) MM asked Electroheads to partner with them last year for the European event in Amsterdam, so we know they like us.
3) It’s awards season. And you’ve got to be in it to win it.
On closer inspection though, it’s fair to say that the shortlist is less a shortlist, and more of a A-Z. 
Still for the reasons above, any Micromobility Industries shortlist, however long, is good with us.
Why? Because at Electroheads we’re proud about what the whole industry us doing. 
Brilliant, smart people and dynamic, growing brands across our whole sector who are trying to make a real difference. 
Every single one of that group, including us - is fighting the good fight to showcase electro-mobility as a true force for good. 
So whether we get any votes or not, micromobility is the real winner. And that’s great by us.