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The e20.8 Play is a brand new, BMX-inspired foldable electric bike from British manufacturer Estarli.

The Pro version comes with a rear rack and tyre guards.

It's the perfect blend of functionality and fun, and is essentially an off-road upgrade of the standard e20. It maintains the lightweight practicality and everyday usability of its sister bike – whilst adding more power and thicker, grippier tyres for those looking to add off-piste capability to their city ride or commute.

A slightly more premium option than the e20, the Play features 10Nm more torque (now 50Nm compared to 40Nm in the e20), an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, all-terrain tyres, carbon front forks and internally routed cables for a sleeker look.

Please Note: All Estarli e20.8s are built by hand, and the lead time on the both the Raw Metal and Sage Green is currently 8-weeks.

Watch our full review of the Estarli e20.8 Play below:


LightweightUK assembled

The Estarli e20.8: Watch the review

Eilis recently took the Estarli e20.8 to Bath to put it to the ultimate test! We'll let the review do the talking but let's just say the e20.8 took Bath's hills on without breaking a sweat. You can watch the full video by clicking the button below!

The Estarli e20.8 at a glance

If nothing else, know these four things!

The ideal rider is...

Absolutely anyone! The Estarli e20.8 is the perfect allrounder for all men and women. Novices and experts alike can jump onto the e20.8 with confidence in every ride!

The Estarli e20.8 is ideal for...

Commuting and leisure rides on the road. The e20.8 is perfect for comfortably eating up the miles on the road. When folded, it's easily compact enough to put into the back of the car or camper van, too!

Speed and Power

With a top speed of 15.5mph and a peak power output of 250W, the e20.8 is totally legal on public roads and footpaths in the UK. You can read more info in our handy FAQs below.

Maintaining the Estarli e20.8

Just like any geared bike with a chain, the e20.8 will serve you best with regular servicing. The upgraded hydraulic brakes will require less maintenance than more common mechanical braking systems, which is a plus. At the very least, keep the chain greased!

The Electroheads top three features of the Estarli e20.8

These are our three favourite things
Upgraded Hydraulic Brakes

Upgraded Hydraulic Brakes

The hydraulic disk brakes on the e20.8 are seriously grippy but remain smooth and easy to modulate. Low maintenance and confidence inspiring, the hydraulic brakes on the e20.8 are a lovely addition to the e-bike.


The e20.8 folds quickly and easily into a small, easy to transport package! Perfect for getting onto public transport, putting the e20.8 into a car or storing it at home.
Easy to Read Display

Easy to Read Display

The display is basic but works flawlessly. The buttons have a solid "click" to them and the screen gives you the information you need in all light levels.

About the brand: Estarli

Founded by two brothers, Estarli produces some of our favourite e-bikes. Proudly built to order in Berkhamstead, UK, Estarli produce high quality e-bikes at an affordable price.

Maybe the Estarli e20.8 isn't for you?

We recommend the Estarli e20.7 (it might be the baby brother but it's every bit as good!)

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