The best gifts for cyclists and electric bike riders

The best gifts for cyclists and electric bike riders

November 16, 2023Electro Heads

The days are getting colder, the commutes to and from work are much darker, but one thing that is getting us through is the promise of bright lights, a resurgence of Wham!’s Last Christmas (best christmas song EVER in my opinion) and seasonal cheer. 

Christmas is closing in and so too is the need to start collating gifts for your loved ones. So if you’ve got an ebiker in your life, but aren’t too sure on where to start, then fear not, because we’ve got you covered.

You’ll be pleased to hear that e-bike gifting can come in many different guises. It can be flashy (both quite literally and in price), it can be affordable, more practical or luxurious depending on what you think they’d like.

So whether they’re a tech bro, weekend adventurer, urban commuter, aspiring ebike owner or cargo queen/king, there’s something on this list for everyone.

LUMOS HELMET - The gift of style and safety

First up is a head-turner of a helmet, guaranteed to light you up on the roads any time of the day. 

I use this helmet every single time I ride. It makes me feel seen, feel more safe and is a great backup if you’re like me and forever forget to charge up your bike lights.

Its 3 COB LED modules give you full 360 degree coverage. You can go extra with the remote that comes in the box, which can be fixed to your handlebars, giving you the ability to indicate on the back of your helmet. Or if you have an Apple Watch, set it up through the app. I would recommend that this as a nice bonus, rather than a replacement for the old trustee arm indicator. 

Charge with a USBC cable and in 3 hours you’ll have a helmet fully juiced up to deliver 4-10 hours dependent 

Opt for MIPS which costs extra, but if you’ve done your research will know that this is quite literally a no-brainer. 

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and has been developed to help reduce rotational motion to the brain in the unfortunate event of a crash. Research has shown that rotational motion poses a higher risk of brain damage compared to direct impacts. Cyclists are more at risk of rotational motion as our heads will more often than not hit the ground at an angle, causing the head to rotate.

Sizing wise, it’s a one size fits all set up thanks to the click dial fit system so you can tighten and loosen as you need. The helmet is adjustable from 54cm to 61cm and fits most adults & teens.

All in all, it’s a pricier than average helmet, but packs LOADS of safety features to help keep you seen and safe on the roads.

Buy a Lumos Helmet

HINDSIGHT GLASSES - The gift of 360 vision

Hindsight cycling glasses - great Christmas gift

Whether you’re riding in the city or out in the countryside, there’s a common fiend that many of us cyclists have to deal with. Dust, dirt and debris flying into our eyes. One moment you’re cycling along fine, the next you're trying to scrape a UFO out of your eyes whilst navigating your route. It’s annoying, can be quite dangerous and completely avoidable.

Hindsight glasses are a cyclist’s answer to eye protection, BUT with an incredible addition. The gift of 360 vision.

There have been many times when other road users pass by FAR too close for comfort. Being able to see them coming whilst also keeping your eyes on what’s ahead has been a game changer for my commutes. 

How does it work? It’s all rather simple, actually. A section of mirror is placed on the outer sides of the glasses that exists in your peripheral vision. With a slight tilt of the head you can see behind, whilst also maintaining a clear view in front. 

I can hear you asking - but doesn’t it block your peripheral vision? Hindsight has tackled this by using transparent mirror inserts, so it doesn’t reduce what you can see. It’s all very simple, smart and seriously impressive.

You can of course use wing mirrors as a cheaper option, but having the combination of eye protection from dust and UV rays, PLUS seeing in almost full vision of what is behind you, rather than a sliver of a mirror on your handlebar really sets Hindsight apart.

Choose between two designs - Artemis or Morpheus - depending on the style preferred and happy cycling!

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FLOW DISTRICT 5 - Affordable Fun

Flow Dristrict 5

Ideal for any aspiring ebiker who wants a fun, affordable, compact, comfortable, unique looker of a bike, the Flow District 5 ticks a lot of boxes at a very competitive price. 

Kitted out with a 250w motor and boasting an impressive range of up to 60km on one charge, this is an electric bike that not only looks good but performs well.

The battery is removable which is a particularly handy feature, meaning you can easily charge on the go and adds an extra layer of security should you need to leave your bike behind, you can take the most expensive and crucial part with you.

On a lot of smaller ebikes it can be easy to feel like comfort has been subbed out due to the reduced frame size and compact geometry. However, Flow has taken this on board and created not one, not two, but THREE levels of suspension. 

There’s a rear shock absorber, springs under the saddle and the saddle itself is majorly padded out. Altogether you’ve got a padded ride that diminishes most potholes.

As I mentioned, the District 5 is smaller than your average road e-bike and although the frame is solid, the headtube is foldable, so it can be made to be even MORE compact should you be limited on space. It can easily roll under a table when collapsed.

Mudguards, front and rear lights and a bell come included. It’s got a lot to offer! 

It does however weigh in at a weighter 22kg, so if you’re on the lookout for a compact, lightweight eride for your betrothed biker then consider looking at the ADO 20 for not much more of an expense.

Buy the Flow District 5

Estarli e28 - The gift of a 5 star electric bike

If budget isn’t a limit in your generous gifting spree, consider this electric road bike from Estarli. The e28 has continued to be a big hitter with our customers and a top favourite of mine thanks to its versatility in use cases. 

Whether you’re a weekend adventurer or a weekday commuter, the large 28 wheels and lightweight build (16.5kg) offers stability, agility and easy handling.

On our own hill testing the e28 managed very well thanks to its 8 speed set up and its lighter weigh in making it less work to push up.

The motor, like any legal UK road bike, is 250w and delivers near instant assist at the turn of a pedal, delivering around 40 miles of charge from our own range tests.

The design is simple, sleek and deceiving to the untrained eye. Many wouldn’t think it to be electric with minimal wiring and a hidden battery in the downtube, plus the integrated display keeps a covert identity. 

This being said, the battery isn’t removable, so you’ll need a plug that is convenient to where you can store the bike. The frame also only comes as one size for riders between 5’6-6’4. If you’re gift-ee is smaller then consider the Trapeze version, which has a lower frame and accommodates for anyone measuring 5’3 or above.

Buy an Estarli e28

KNOG BLINDER LIGHTS - the gift of illumination

Knog Light

You can never get enough safety gear as a cyclist, particularly in these darker months when it feels like we’re doing more commuting in the twilight hours. 

The Knog front and rear bike lights are compact, easy to fit and can be seen from a whopping 450 metres away. Fitting bars and seatposts from 22-32mm, this 200-lumen light makes sure you’re seen amongst the oncoming traffic. 

With a weatherproof rating of IP67, these lights are not only bright, but fit for whatever weather is thrown at you.

These lights also come with a very handy feature - charge indicators. This will let you know when your battery is running low, meaning you’ll never again get caught out mid-ride without lights. Having a Lumos helmet (As mentioned above) is a great back up for this exact reason, but in our eyes - the more lights the better!

Choose from a cross, grid, square or skull design for some added personalisation and thank us later.

Buy a Knog Blinder light

BOOST CONVERSION KIT - The gift of upcycling

Boost kit

This next gift option is for those who either have lost their mojo with their pedal bike or need literal boost of electric to their day to day cycles. The Boost electric bike conversion kit offers a simple, quick fit solution to transform an analogue bike into an electric bike capable of so much more.

But before you recoil at the thought of gifting a DIY nightmare, Boost have made sure the fitting process is as simple as it can possibly be. 

They’ve set up affiliate stores across the UK, so all you (or your recipient) would need to do is bring it into any one nearest and in less than 20 mins the kit can be fitted.

I went to their affiliate store in Hackney to see the process and it is impressively quick and easy. And best of all, I didn’t have to do anything!

However, should your giftee be DIY savvy, they can tackle the upgrade themselves with the installation guide. 

Once fitted, the kit delivers up to 50km of range from a 6Ah 36V battery that cleverly slots into what is essentially a repackaged water bottle holder. It looks incredibly discreet and requires minimal wiring.

There is an optional display that you can get that allows you to switch between ride modes eco, boost and superboost - a handy 10 second release of additional electric assist that will help you to fly off at the traffic lights and conquer steeper inclines with less effort.

The assist feels smooth but punchy when you need it to be. I was keeping up with traffic with ease thanks to what is already a lightweight analogue bike, plus the added 4kg from the kit results in minimal interference with the bike you already know and love.

That being said, riding a converted boost bike without any assist is also very manageable, however as you can imagine, as the inclines get steeper you will need to put in more effort than if the bike wasn’t fitted. The battery is removable so you can go for rides without which will reduce the weight by about 1.5kg. 

But overall this is by far one of the cheapest ways to gift an ebike without compromise on quality.

Buy a Boost Kit

QUAD LOCK - The gift of easy navigation

Quad lock for electric bikes

Quad lock has made a HUGE name for themselves in the past year being crowned as one of the strongest and most secure mounting systems for your smartphone.

Although it was originally designed for the high speeds of a motorcycle, the mount’s sturdy build is an ideal fit for the demands of an ebike. 

Sizing suits handlebars sizes 35mm, 31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22mm and comes with one mount, an allen key to fit and phone case for the specific phone.

It’s not the cheapest mount on the market, but it offers assurance that your precious smartphone, like thousands of others, will be fixed in place, once the lock is satisfyingly clicked into place with just a 45 degree turn.

This simple turn manoeuvre means it can easily detach as quickly as it locks, meaning you don’t miss a photo opportunity or important call (once stationary, of course). 

The case itself is understated and simple with a black colourway and covert logo for those who aren’t so keen on a shouty brand design. 

One major advantage of Quad lock is being able to choose the position of your phone at any time - whether than be horizontal or vertical -  handy if you have a particular preference for maps.

Getting a good phone mount truly makes a big difference to the daily commute. So go on, treat them to something solid.

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