MATE City folding electric bike review

MATE City foldable electric bike review: "a nimble bargain"

December 08, 2022Eilis Barrett

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By Eilis Barrett

Danish company MATE aims to make electric bikes that look good and are affordable - the City is the lighter, more nimble model compared to the fat-tyred MATE X. Overall it's an excellent bike, and we've recommended it in our list of the best folding electric bikes.

Eilis riding the MATE CIty

Good for

  • Commuters who don’t need to do lots of carrying
  • All round riders
  • Mixed-terrain riders



  • A bit bulky

Expert verdict

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality

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Expert review of MATE City

The MATE City is a solid choice - it sets the tone for how an ebike can be more than just a bulky bit of machinery with a huge battery slapped on.

This folding model offers style, comfort and functionality at a reasonable price (the retail price on the City is £2,000, though it can be found much cheaper through certain retailers). And it's a very nippy ride that's easy to ride in the city when you need to react quickly to road obstacles and other vehicles.

Reviewer riding MATE City

The main compromise is that it’s a little on the heavier side at 20kg and not as compact as other folding bikes such as a Brompton. But then again, it's a fraction of the price.

The weight is partly due to the full suspension front and rear - which did mean I enjoyed switching from city streets to off-road trail fluidly and comfortably.

Still, it’s worth knowing it’s foldable more for storage than for prolonged carrying. That aside, this is one of the best foldable ebikes we’ve tested.

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Maximum speed 15.5 Mph
Maximum distance Up to 50 miles on one charge
Motor power 250W
Speed modes 5
Charging time 3-4 hours
Battery type / capacity Samsung-Panasonic-LG
Removable battery Yes
Water resistance Frame is waterproof
Suspension Yes
Wheel size 20x2
Weight 20kg
Foldable Yes
Folded dimensions 68cm in height 90cm long and 40cm wide
Unfolded dimensions 108cm in height 160cm long and 57cm wide
Maximum load 125KG
Gears 7 gears
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes
Suspension Front and rear

The MATE City In detail

Power and ride

MATE City folding bike

This bike is nimble and great for nipping around any obstacles. Comparing the City to other ebikes of its calibre like, say a GoCycle, the City more than holds its own. The addition of decent rear and front suspension actually makes this bike feel like a bargain. There's a level of smoothing so you don't clunk over bumps and dips which can get annoying very quickly.

As someone who cycles a lot, the ride on this bike elevates it from being an alright run around to something you can enjoy and take pleasure in riding.

In terms of range, it claims 50 miles and we managed to get 44 consistently, even with some hills and constantly using level 5 pedal assist.

Weight and folding

Carrying the MATE City

The MATE city weighs in at 22.5 kilograms- it’s carryable but I wouldn’t want to do so for too long. You could take this on a train but you might end up folding it once you’re on board ,which could be awkward.

Also it doesn't fold down to the most compact size, and there’s no latch to hold it together when folded. Finally, the chain is on the outside of the fold so if you don't want to get grease all over your outfit, be careful.

All in all, I’d say the folding is mostly for storage at work or home but you could definitely use it for occasional travel on public transport.


Thanks to the easily adjustable seat, you can ride this if you’re anywhere from four foot eight and six foot, and with a weight of up to 120 kilograms. The 20-by-1.95-inch tyres are well matched for city roads - I prefer tyres this size to the 16-inch ones you often see on folding ebikes..

You now get hydraulic brakes as standard. The display shows battery and the five pedal assist levels and also has a handy usb charging port for your phone.

USB port for charging phone

If the MATE City isn't for you, try out the fat-tyred, incredibly comfy MATE X.

Mate City and Mate X

Made up your mind? You can buy the Mate City here, using discount code EILIS100 for a further £100 off the listed price.