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MATE X foldable electric bike



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The Mate X E-Bike is stylish, speedy, has great range and soaks up bumps and potholes with ease.

Its full suspension and fat, squishy tyres make it an incredibly comfortable bike to ride  - and its three-step folding system makes it easy to store when you arrive at your destination.

The Mate X has a 250W motor that can deliver a range of more than 50 miles on one three-to-four-hour charge.

It has eight gears for smooth and easy transitions, coupled with suspension for a comfortable ride. There are hydraulic disc brakes for safety and an LCD display to keep you informed.

When you're ready to pack up, the Mate X's 3-step folding design with folding pedals makes it easy to store - all these extras mean that, at 30kg, it is on the heavy side.

Our Electroheads e-bike expert Eilis Barrett says that once you try the Mate X, you'll never want to go back:
"The Mate X foldable fat E-Bike is powerful, and incredibly capable. With a range of 60 miles, this isn't just an inner-city bike, it could be an inter-city bike, getting you from A to B with speed and comfort.
"I just love how the suspension and the tyre profile creates such a floaty ride, it almost feels like a magic carpet at times, and that makes it feel much safer than an e-bike that doesn't have suspension."

• Max speed: 15.5 Mph
• Max distance: Over 50 miles on one charge
• Motor power: 250W
• Speed modes: five
• Charging time: 3-4 hours
• Battery type / capacity: Samsung-Panasonic-LG
• Removable battery: Yes

• Water resistance: Frame is waterproof
• Suspension: Yes
• Wheel size: 20X4
• Weight: 30KG
• Foldable: Yes
• Folded dimensions: 78cm in height 103cm long and 59cm wide
• Unfolded dimensions: 124cm in height 180cm long and 65cm wide
• Maximum load: 150KG
• Gears: 8 Gears
• Brakes: Hydraulic
• Suspension: Yes

Warranty: two years on the battery and five years on the frame.

Delivery: 2-3 working days.

Returns: 14 days return policy provided the bike is unused. If used, please contact us.

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Amelia SaberwalForme Buxton Pro-E - Verified Buyer

After following Electroheads on YouTube I bought an electric bike. I thought the reviews were really robust and now I have the product they were bang on. The team were so helpful and answered all my questions before buying.
Will definitely buy from them again!


Aris DonahueEstarli e28 - Verified Buyer

I took a look at the tenways, but I ended up going for a Estarli e28 pro - pretty simliar price and specs.


Daniel HogarthJeep Camou - verified buyer

The jeep camou 2xe has been a game changer. I love riding it, and I'm saving money on fuel. The scooter is fantastic, and the service from Electroheads was great, and the product arrived promptly.