Best kids electric scooter: five on test

Best kids' electric scooters: December 2022 review

December 10, 2022Richard Beech

We've tried and tested kids' electric scooters from three well known brands - Razor, Zinc and Windgoo - to work out the best model for kids aged 4 to 7, 8 to 12 and 13+. Safety was even higher on our agenda than when we review a scooter for adults - is it reliable, are the brakes good enough?  These are motorised vehicles after all, and the three best scooters for children from all the ones we tested are, first and foremost, ones that we feel comfortable recommending from a safety standpoint.

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    We’ve assessed each scooter for components and build quality, safety and security, performance and handling, comfort and practicality, and value for money.

    And as well as our expert assessment, we made use of Gabes (who is 10), an existing electroheads fan and electric scooter rider - you'll see his verdict in each scooter review below. And please make sure you read the safety and legal information at the end before buying.

    Windgoo M1, best for kids aged 4-7:

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    Windgoo M1

    The Windgoo M1 is our recommended scooter for primary school kids aged four to seven and under 40kg. It's not as high performance as the other models here, aimed at heavier riders. But its spec is perfect for younger riders, with a top speed of around 5mph. And it's lightweight so it works well as a kick scooter if the battery runs out (range is claimed as 5 miles but in our testing it was closer to three).

    We love the visibility from its bright LED lights, the lightweight frame and the comfy handles.

    We did find found the plastic wheels can mean a bit of a rough ride.

    Gabe's verdict: "This scooter is very light and it's got cool colour changing lights. It's not too bad on cobblestones but it is smoother on tarmac." 

    Razor Power Core S85, best for 8 to 12 year olds:

    See all ratings for the Razor Power Core S85 plus all the specs and the full review.

    This is the best and safest for children aged 8 to 12. It's not the fastest but the speed of 10mph is right for this age range. Safety and build quality are on a different level to most rivals. It's got chunky, pneuumatic tyres making for easy riding on bumpy ground. We gave it the highest score of any kids scooter we tested.  

    Things we liked include the comfy grip, the effective brakes and just the overall quality.

    Its main drawbacks in our tests are that it's a bit noisy (although you could argue that means people will notice it coming) and the 35-minute range might just leave your child wanting more. 

    Gabe's verdict: "Very, very fast. Also very fun. I really like the big pneumatic tire at the front which makes rough ground feel way more comfortable."

    Windgoo T10, best for teenagers:

    See all ratings for the Windgoo T10 plus all the specs and the full review.

    The zippy Windgoo 10 is the best scooter for teenagers (but too quick for kids any younger). It accelerates fast up to 15mph with a claimed a range of 15km.

    We like the great puncture-proof, 8-inch tyres and good ground clearance so you can ride over all sorts of terrain. Charge time is only 3.5 hours. 

    The main drawback we found is the braking system which is only an electronic brake and footbrake (no lever brake) - so it's not as fast a stopper as some other models we've tested. And our testing found this will struggle uphill with riders over 80kg

    Gabe's verdict: "Comfortable and nice ... and very fast. Very, very, very fast. It's also very fun."

    How we tested

    • We’ve assessed each scooter for components and build quality, safety and security, performance and handling, comfort and practicality, and value for money.
    • And as well as our expert assessment from our experienced adult scoter reviewers, we made use of Gabes (who is 10), an existing electroheads fan and electric scooter rider - his verdict is based on a lengthy ride on various surfaces
    Gabes with our kids scooter group test
    Expert tester with kids scootersGabes testing the smaller windgoo
    Child tested on the razor
    Child reviewer on the larger Windgoo
    (max 5)
    Power Core
    Build 4 4 4
    Safety 4 4 5
    Handling 3 5 5
    Comfort 5 4 5
    Value 5 5 5
    Overall 4 4 5

    Important legal and safety information

    • It is essential to wear a helmet when using an electric scooter. These are motorised vehicles and you should also consider knee and elbow protectors. Make sure your child understands how to stop and start safely.
    • Kids scooters aren't waterproof unless stated - these ones are not. Do not use in the wet as you can damage the battery, which can become dangerous.
    • Currently privately-owned electric scooters are legal on private property with the owner's permission. They are not to be used on roads, cycle lanes or footpaths in the UK, although the government has said it will legislate on this before the spring. It is your responsibility to drive your escooter lawfully. You accept all risk and liability for using scooter products. 

    Can a 10 or 11 year old ride an electric scooter?

    Almost certainly. It doesn't take long to get used to the riding stance or the controls. You need to make sure they are confident with the brakes and acceleration method. But kids as young as four can ride electric scooters safely - just make sure the specs (motor power and max speed) are suitable for the age of your child. 

    Is an electric scooter safe for a 10 or 11 year old?

    As long as the specs are appropriate, it's safe for a young person to ride a scooter - but you also need to make sure the child is a safe rider. Helmets should be mandatory and we strongly recommend elbow and knee pads. Make sure they've practiced the brakes, especially if they are a type they haven't used before.     

    How do I choose a scooter for my child?

    Above all else - safety. These are motorised vehicles and can cause injury to the rider and others. So make sure speed and power specification are suitable for the age (and maturity) of your child. After that, it's down to ride comfort, features - and probably which design your kids will like.