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Best UK adult electric bikes in early 2024

13 de February, 2024Richard Beech

From the hundreds of ebikes and escooters our testers have ridden, these are the best electric bikes we recommend in 2024. We have a specific guide to the best folding ebikes

Each has been assessed and rated for: build quality, safety and security, handling and performance, and comfort and practicality.

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Editor's pick (under £1,500)

Best ebikes under £1,500

Best ebikes under £2,000

Best ebikes over £2,000

Best Mountain bikes

Editor's Pick - Tenways CGO600, £1,400

Weight: 15kg | Range: 43 miles

Tenways CGO600

Best for: City Riding

Buy directly from Tenways EU

Buy directly from Tenways US

The Tenways CGO600 is an ideal option for those looking for a commuter bike for the city. 

It’s a good-looking bike that’s simple to use and is very low maintenance. 

What immediately stood out when we first got on the Tenways CGO600 is how smooth the ride is. The motor kicks in gently when you begin to pedal, whereas some electric bikes can jerk forward unpredictably when the motor kicks in.

But the torque sensor on the Tenways CGO600 feathers the power through, ensuring a smooth and controllable acceleration which is important to both novice and experienced riders alike.

See more info about the Tenways CGO600 Pro

My favorite feature is the carbon belt drive. Rather than the chain drive you’ll find on most bicycles and electric bikes, Tenways have opted for a carbon belt. This adds to the smoothness of the ride, but also provides more longevity than a chain drive (which is more prone to breaking), and requires less maintenance (a carbon belt drive requires no oiling, and won’t rust).

At 15kg, the CGO600 is light for an ebike, and you can feel that when you ride it. It’s responsive and handles just like a normal bicycle. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not the sort of person who uses apps to track my bike rides, but the Tenways companion app is an impressive bit of software that will track your rides, and also has navigation capabilities. Most importantly, it lets you keep track of where your bike is at all times. 

My colleague Eilis has created a full video review of this bike, should you wish to see it in action:

The CGO600 is €1,671 directfrom Tenways (about £1,400). And I think, pound for pound, this is the best all-round electric bike you can buy at the moment. I mentioned it’s a city bike, but it will also be suited to tow-paths and gravel. Just be mindful that it doesn’t have suspension, so it’s not suitable for full off-roading.

Click the link below to buy the CGO600 directly from Tenways (prices are in Euros but they ship to the UK and other countries):

Buy directly from Tenways EU

Buy directly from Tenways US

Best bikes under £1,500

ADO AIR 20, £1,279

Weight: 18kg | Folding | Range: 60 miles

See the full review of the Ado Air 20

Ado Air 20 being reviewed

Buy directly from ADO

This lightweight ebike has 20-inch wheels for a touch more stability (than smaller folding bikes with 16 inch wheels) and is matched with a single speed, carbon belt drive system for minimal maintenance. It’s quick, nimble and weighs in at 18kg.

You can get the suspension version for an extra £50 or so. This has a carbon belt drive, is very easy to maintain, has hydraulic brakes as standard, and is very comfortable and smooth to ride. It’s a 5 out of 5 across all criteria. It’s an excellent bike - which is why it’s our best seller.

This isn’t just made for folding and carrying - we were REALLY impressed with the ride quality. It gets you up to 15.5mph incredibly quickly and maintains that assist. It’s also got a torque sensor so you can apply more or less power through the pedals as you need, someething you often don't get at this price point.

We found it easy to squeeze through tight gaps – like standstill traffic – thanks to the smaller width handlebars, so you can kiss congestion goodbye.

Buy directly from ADO

Estarli e20.7, £1,425

Weight: 17.5kg | Folding | Range: 31 miles

Estarli e20 expert verdict

See the full review of the estarli e20 plus all the ratings and spec info.

The Estarli e20 is a perfect entry-level folding ebike, Our reviewer's summary: "I love this bike". It’s just over £1,000 but we think it has a lot to offer for the price bracket it’s in. We found it light and comfy to ride. The larger tyres than most folding bikes (20 inch rather than 16 inch) mean you get power, comfort and good handling. Not only that it looks great, with the battery cleverly hidden in the seat post. 

We found it wasn't the most compact bike when folded. And its other drawback is range - 31 miles from the slightly small battery (the price that had to be paid for concealing it so well). But these are only minor quibbles - this is a great, good value bike and is the one to beat in our tests. 

Buy the Estarli e20


ADO Beast, £1,362

Weight: 28.5kg | Folding | Range: 75 miles

See the full review of the ADO Beast plus full specs and ratings

Reviewing the Ado Beast

With five different power modes to choose from, you can have as little or as much support to get you from A-B. In mode 5, the Beast lives up to its name, accelerating quickly to 15.5mph. The motor feels responsive, with almost no lag throughout the gears and the Shimano 7-speed shifts smoothly up and down. When test riding the bike the motor and battery feel high quality, everything is responsive and fast, and all the components work well together.

You feel the pulling power of the 65 N.m, but never does it feel uncomfortably fast, or uncontrollable, balance is at the heart of the Beast it can be as powerful or subtle, as you want it to be.

Buy the Ado Beast

Best ebikes under £2,000

Estarli e28, £1,624

Weight: 16.5kg | Range: 56 miles

Estarli e28 in motion

See the full review of the estarli e28 plus all ratings and spec info

This is a beautifully designed e-bike in a slender, classic road-bike style frame. The team at Estarli have made a very capable, very sleek and smart looking e-ride. 

One nice feature is the torque sensor system which works out how much assistance to give and this works well - it feels like a bionic extension and a step up from cadence sensors. If you're looking for a non-folding road bike, this is a great choice. 

Buy the Estarli e28

Synch Super Monkey, £1,899

Weight: 25kg | Range: 35 miles

Synch being tested

This is gold-star e-bike brilliance - a cruiser hand built in the UK, with nice touches like a removable battery, seven gears, a headlight and hydraulic brakes. 

Its sensor is very responsive to pedalling. The 20 inch by four inch fay tyres have nice tread on which made a real difference to how we felt on rough terrain and the geometry of the bike is really impressive. Equally impressive was its ability to take on steep hills - it's a powerful beast. 

It's worth taking it for a test ride as the seating position isn't for everyone. There's a longtail version too to take a passenger (we tried two riders on this version buy it wasn't that comfy for too long). 

Read more about the Synch Super Monkey

Mirider One, £1,595

Weight: 17.3kg | Folding | Range 45 miles 

Full review of the Mirider One

This is the single-geared version of the GB3, below, with a few less features (the screen is fairly basic, for instance) and at 17.3kg, just over 2kg lighter as a result. Overall, it feels solid and well built with a satisfying folding mechanism. The motor does hum louder than other electric bikes, but its performance will leave you forgetting about any background noise. And it looks stylish too, with an impressive choice of colours.  

Buy the Mirider One

Best electric bikes over £2,000

Mirider One GB3, £2,495

Weight: 19.4kg | Folding | Range: 45 miles

Full review of the Mirider One GB3

Mider One GB3 being tested

Buy the Mirider One GB3

A high-spec folding ebike ideal for people who are limited on space as we found it folds down well.

It’s not cheap - but our tests show you get what you pay for. A rapid charge battery (2-3 hours), an impressive 45-mile range, 3-speed belt drive, lightweight pedals, hydraulic brakes, super comfortable gel Selle Royal saddle and puncture protected Schwalbe tyres.

We found it very comfortable to ride, partly due to the rear damper. We loved the bright, clear display and it has VERY good brakes.

Buy the Mirider One GB3

Best ebikes - the specs

Best electric mountain bikes

We have a full guide to the best electric mountain bikes. They are:

Five star mountain bikes - full suspension (front and rear)

  • Cyrusher Trax: heavy but so comfy, £2,799.00
  • Techtron Ultra 8000: excellent spec for the price,  £2,399.00

Five star mountain bikes - front suspension

  • Wisper M9: premium, mid-drive model, £2,499.99
  • Wisper Tailwind Trail Crossbar: lightweight but effective, £2,249.99
  • Beameo Unbound: stands out on hills, £2,099.99

Four-star mountain bikes - front suspension

  • Vitesse Vigour: all about bang for buck, £1,699.99
  • Ampere X-Trail: solid and enjoyable, £1,599.00
  • Dallingridge Coniston Hardtail: good for its price, £1,349.99
  • Engwe P26: great value, £999.00

How we test

Our expert testers ride all the electric bikes we review, and we assess them against a range of criteria on road, off-road and in our testing rooms. We check the components' quality and ride the bikes on a range of different terrains and distances. We've ridden hundreds of bikes in total (and an equal number of electric scooters). 

For more commuter bikes, see our full list of best electric folding bikes plus all the adult electric bikes we sell. If you want off-road, see our guide to the best electric mountain bikes, plus all the mountain ebikes we sell. We also cater for those just looking for cheap electric bikes. If you want a bike that's lighter or easier to get on and off in dresses or skirts, see our guide to the best electric bikes for women. Not sure about a whole new bike - try an electric-bike conversion it.

Fact check: Prices and specs for this guide were last checked and updated on 29 January 2024. 

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