Best electric scooters with seats

The best electric scooters with seats

07 de February, 2024Electro Heads

Thes are the best escooters with seats we've tested - even though some may look like bikes without pedals, they are all still classed as scooters. 

You may prefer a scooter with a seat because of comfort (as you don't have to stand for so long) or safety (due to better balance). Scooters with fixed seats also have more carrying / cargo options than traditional scooters. Bear in mind that scooters aren't road-legal in all countries.

Windgoo B9, £419

Range: 12.5 miles | Weight 53 lbs | Tyres 12x2.15" | Waterprood IPx4 | Disc brakes | Max weight 120kg | Top speed 15.5mph

Women with Windgoo B9 electric scooter

Windgoo B9: full review

It's certainly eyecatching ... The Windgoo B9 is not designed for the fast and furious, and its build quality and components aren't up there with models more than 5 times the price. But when we first rode the B9 a year ago, it won us over with its comfort, practicality, and individuality.

It's a joy to ride, with a smooth twist throttle and an OK range of 12.5miles. The seat posting feels natural and you can plant both feet on the wide, grippy deck for stability. The large, pneumatic tyres add to the sense of comfort. 

Given its shape, you'll need a reasonably long lock to attach this to street furniture, especially as the battery isn't removable. 

Windgoo B9: product specs

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Engwe S6, £499

Range 35 miles | Weight 26kg | Max speed 15.5mph

Engwe S6 electric scooter with a seat

The S6 somehow manages to be a scooter with a seat that folds down - and it goes super compact just 116x53x25cm. One compromise therefore is the tyre size, at 10x2.75", smaller than most of the other models here, although they are chunky enough to deal with most terrain, especially with the suspension system. There's a nice wide deck to rest your feet on and it has good range.

The handlebar stem isn't the tallest - in fact, Engwe recommend this only for riders up to 5'8". I'm well over 6 foot and it was too low for me.

Engwe S9: product specs

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EMove Roadrunner V2, £1,499.99

Max speed: 34mph | Range 50 miles | Weight 55lbs | Max load 330lbs

Emove roadrunner

This is a step up in terms of power (with twin motors: 350W at the front and 500W at the rear) and range (with its removable battery you can double the range to 100 miles if you carry a spare).

It's also comfortable to ride - there's a memory foam seat, big tyres and adjustable suspension (and handle bars so you can adjust your stance, especially if you're tall) and we found it soaked up all sorts of bumps and terrain (although maybe not quite up there with some mountain bikes we've ridden).

Given the power, it's good that the disc brakes perform well and the foot pegs help keep you stable. You'll need to use your arms to support you if you brake hard.

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EMove RoadRunner Pro, £2,799

Max speed; 50mph | Max range: 50 miles | Hills up to 30% | Weight 52kg | Max load: 150kg

Emove Roadrunner Pro electric scooter

If you're going big, maybe go all the way? The Pro is the even higher-spec version of the V2. It's got 2000W dual Hub motors and a large battery (still removable) so it can go at 50mph and up to 50 miles on a single charge.

And it is super powerful - you really have to take care when starting to ride. To be honest, we found riding this closer to being on a motorbike so you should probably think about safety accessories like a proper helmet. 

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