Honbike Uni4 Review: A 5 star e-bike for the city

Honbike Uni4 Review: A 5 star e-bike for the city

21 June 2023Richard Beech

The Honbike Uni4 is sleek, powerful and has an impressive battery life making it a standout choice for urban commuters. Its smooth frame and ergonomic riding position was instantly noticeable, which provided comfort and style during testing.

The Uni4's electric motor delivered impressive torque, driving me forward without breaking a sweat. With its adjustable power modes, I could easily find the perfect balance between speed and battery life, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. So smooth in fact you actually forget it doesn’t have suspension.

The Honbike Uni4 is everything you need from a modern-day electric commuter bike, nothing more and nothing less.

Overall rating: 

Good for:

  • Urban commuters 
  • Those who want a Vanmoof adjacent design at a lower price point
  • Less confident riders 
  • Pros 

  • Easy to use 
  • High quality 
  • Super comfortable 
  • Powerful 
  • Smooth belt drive
  • Cons 

  • Honestly very little to complain about here. The kickstand is a tiny bit flimsy if we're being picky


    The Uni4 comes equipped with a 250w rear motor powered by a 432Wh battery, giving the bike up to 100KM per charge! This should be more than enough for those weekly commutes to work. It also boasts a long-lasting and faff-free belt drive with up to 10,000km of use before needing replacing. This makes it such an excellent choice for someone looking for a simple-to-use and low maintenance option for their day-to-day commute.

    Honbike Uni4 faff-free belt

    The integrated lights are excellent and easy to use, so no matter what time of day you are cycling, you can feel safe. The Honbike combines efficiency, power and comfort into a bike that performs. Leaving you with a reliable ride, that's not going to let you down. The bike is also rated up to IPX6 on the water safety scale, so it is highly water resistant even in stormy conditions. 

    If anything is to go wrong with the bike you are covered by a two-year warranty. 

    Honbike Uni4 being tested

    Comfort and Handling 

    The Uni4 is just so comfortable it really does not need suspension. Thanks to the super plush 27.5-inch by 2-inch tyres, soft seat and ergonomic grips, the bumps in the roads just seemed to disappear. At the same time, the Uni4 is very agile. While I was cycling on the roads near Electroheads HQ, the bike instilled confidence in me. I could happily navigate traffic knowing how the bike would turn, accelerate and react, it’s a very intuitive bike. Thanks to the SmartHon system (which detects when you are going uphill and gives you more power) and riding modes, Eco, City and Sport to choose from to fit my needs. There is a clear difference in how the bike reacts in these different settings, I found the city mode the perfect mix of speed and comfort. 


    The Honbike is not a slow bike, and quickly picks up speed, which is great. With a bike as powerful as the Uni4 it is also important to have brakes that quickly bring you to a stop, furthermore, this is designed for city living, where how you react to the decision someone else has made on the road, keeps you safe. The hydraulic brakes on the Uni4 are brilliant and quickly bring you to a stop, and the brake levers are in a good position.  

    The Last Word

    Overall, the Honbike Uni4 is a fantastic choice for those who want a comfortable, relaxed, ergonomic bike to ride. It's easy to ride and light enough even to carry up the stairs. 

    Honbike Uni4 review

    (Words by Joshua Lyons)