The 5 best folding E-Bikes in 2024

The 5 best folding E-Bikes in 2024

01 September 2022James Moore

If you're thinking of commuting by bike, or are looking to upgrade your foldable friend, then you are in the right place. Although see our updated guide to the best folding ebikes as well as every folding electric bike we sell.

Obviously, as you simply wouldn't have clicked on this article.

Anyway, foldables, we love them and so do a growing number of people across the country and indeed around the world.

So click on the video below to have our resident E-Bike buddy Eilis talk you through our top 5 folding e-bikes on the market in 2022, and why you might want to get your hands on them. 


Or if you'd rather read a shorter review of those top five, then continue scrolling.


Looking for both style and substance, then the MATE City is the bike for you.

Ok, it's a little bulky at 20kg, but for what it offers in functionality, style, and comfort more than makes up for that added few kilos.

With just under 30 miles/48km of range, the MATE City will cater for everyone provided you're not thinking of tackling a Tour de France stage on it.

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2. Volt Metro

Sleek frame, and very low profile in comparison to the MATE, the Volt Metro is our favourite looking of the bunch.

There are two different battery options, offering 50 miles/80km or 60 miles/96km which means you'll be able to nip about town for longer without having to plug it in.

But by far the best feature of the Volt Metro is that it comes with a two-fold security setup. First, a key tag/fob/thingymagibbit is needed to activate the motor and second it comes with a built-in Abus lock on the rear wheel.

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3. Raleigh EVO

They might be one of the oldest bike brands out there, but Raleigh haven't been left behind when it comes to the super-rad-ultra-cool foldable scene.

The EVO is a simpler design to the other bikes in this list, but it provides a great balance between a 'normal bike' and a foldable – and picks the best of both.

Up to 31 miles/50km of range, and weighing in at 20kg, this bike is uncomplicated and perfect for those looking for their first taste.

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4. Gocycle G4i

The Gocycle G4i is the lightest foldable bike on this list, thanks to a carbon fibre frame this weighs in at 16.9kg.

You wouldn't think this bike would be the Featherweight foldable it is had we listed the tech it carries – Predictive Electronic Gear shifting, near silent but punchy G4 Drive power unit, handlebar display, LED lightbar, and that's just the start.

However it is the most expensive of the five, but we think it's well worth the investment.

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5. Mycle Compact

Probably a favourite in the Electroheads office, the Mycle Compact is the cheapest on the list – but that lower price tag doesn't see quality take a dive either.

It's only 17.5kg, the battery is hidden in the seat post, has Shimano 7-speed gearing and can be folded up in ten seconds. What's not to love?

AND it comes in a pick of 10, yes 10, colour combinations – heard rumours that Mycle did this deliberately to match your favourite outfit.

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