Our reviewer Josh Lyons with the ADO Beast

ADO Beast A20F Review - An electric bike with OOMPH

22 June 2023Richard Beech

Overall rating: 

One of the latest bikes that Ado has to offer is their new Beast — but is it really deserving of the title Beast? The bike is very similar-looking to the older ADO A20F+, so what suddenly makes it a Beast? 

First off, let's talk spec. The ADO Beast has a range of up to 120km, 50 km more than the old version. But with the same 250w motor, you would think the Beast has the same amount of torque as its predecessor. But in fact, it has 22 N.m more of it, at 65 N.m! So you do get more efficient power delivery - in a bike that weighs 1.7 kg less. It’s a good start, so let’s dive in. (Review by Josh Lyons)

The ADO Beast is good for:

  • Riders wanting to stand out from the crowd 
  • Someone who wants a comfortable ride 
  • Doubling up as a trail bike and road bike


  • Good suspension
  • Very adjustable, so good for a range of different-sized riders
  • Huge grippy tyres
  • Can be used just as much off-road as on it. 
  • One of our best electric bikes.


  • Not the easiest to fold

Expert verdict

Overall the Beast is a fantastic bike. I can see it being great for commuting and doubling up for leisure rides on easy trails. I wouldn't suggest using this for full mountain biking, but then again, I don't imagine any of you reading this are thinking of doing that.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall rating

Despite me testing this bike in the summer months, I can tell it's going to be good all year round. The mudguards and lights are going to be helpful in those darker and wetter times of the year. So to conclude, if you're wanting a folding commuter bike that stands out from the pack and has a bit of oomph, the Beast is a great choice, with long range, power and comfort at heart.


Battery 36V/14.5Ah lithium-ion removable battery
Hub motor 250W/65Nm brushless hall motor
Max speed 25 km/h
Electric power range 120 km
Max load 120 kg
Transmission Shimano 7-speed
Net weight 28.5 kg
Unfolded dimensions 1740 x 595 x 1200 mm
Folded dimensions 1090 x 520 x 735 mm
Max Uphill 40º
Tyres 20 x 4" rubber pneumatic fat tyres
Water resistant IPX5
Frame Aluminum alloy, foldable
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Display IPS color display, clearly under the sunshine (IPX7)
Suspension Front fork shock absorbers
Pedal assist Torque sensor
Headlight IPX5 waterproof, 1200 Lumen


With five different power modes to choose from, you can have as little or as much support to get you from A-B. In mode 5, the Beast lives up to its name, accelerating quickly to 15.5mph. The motor feels responsive, with almost no lag throughout the gears. The Shimano 7-speed shifts smoothly up and down.  When test riding the bike the motor and battery feel high quality, everything is responsive and fast, and all the components work well together. You feel the pulling power of the 65 N.m, but never does it feel uncomfortably fast, or uncontrollable, balance is at the heart of the Beast it can be as powerful or subtle, as you want it to be.

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The Beast is very adjustable, I’m 5’11 and prefer a little bend in the knees when cycling. I increased the height of the seat post quite a lot and the handlebars a tad. When riding the Beast I do feel very high up, considerably more than when I rode the regular ADO Air 20, which doesn't have the suspension and tyres. For me, this is ok and the Beast is comfortable to sit on.


The Beast handles well, it has weight to it when turning - it’s not as nimble as fold-ups with smaller wheels, but not far off. If you're wanting to corner at speed, the Beast does it well. This is due to the large wheels with grip on the sides. In testing the bike didn't feel as if it was going to slip out on you. 

Ado Beast folded


The Beast uses hydraulic brakes, they are very responsive and easy to reach. I’d give them a 8/10 in performance, you stop quickly but not super fast, likely because the bike is quite heavy. I appreciate that they are hydraulic and not mechanical, as you can feel the difference in power between the two. If braking from higher speeds, I did tend to lock up, although this is preferable to not having enough braking power. 


The electric bike comes with front and rear lights. You can manually angle the front light, and it's controlled from the display. The rear light is manual. Also included are mudguards for the front and rear, which are removable. The display is clear, showing speed, battery and braking. It is also possible to have basic directions on the screen, although you may be better off using your phone. A pump, and tools to build the bike are included. A nice touch is that the Ado does come with a phone holder for the bike. However, personally I wouldn't trust my phone in it!

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