Mate X folding electric bike review

MATE X foldable electric bike review: "big, heavy and amazingly comfortable"

08 December 2022Eilis Barrett

Overall rating: 

By Eilis Barrett

The X is the beefy, fat-tyred model from MATE, the Copenhagen based ebike company whose cheaper City we’ve also reviewed. Both are in our list of the best folding electric bikes.


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Mate X foldable electric bike

This model is big, heavy and amazingly comfortable to ride. The 250W version reviewed here is road legal in the UK - the 750W version of the X with a throttle is not.

Good for

  • City and off-road riders
  • Riders wanting to feel safe and secure



  • Heavy at 30kg

MATE X rear side

Expert verdict

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall rating

Reviewer with the MATE X


MATE X is hands down the comfiest bike I've ever ridden. Where I usually shy away from potholes, speed bumps and divots in the road, the X glides over it all.

The mix of cushy handles, front and back suspension and absolutely huge tyres is a glorious combination. I've never had so much fun riding a bike (although there are many other folding electric bikes we're reviewed).

Yes, it is big and heavy - but you just feel like you’re gliding along, whatever the terrain.


Max speed 15.5 Mph
Max distance Over 50 miles on one charge
Motor power 250W
Speed modes five
Charging time 3-4 hours
Battery type / capacity Samsung-Panasonic-LG
Removable battery Yes
Water resistance Frame is waterproof
Suspension Yes
Wheel size 20X4
Weight 30KG
Foldable Yes
Folded dimensions 78cm in height 103cm long and 59cm wide
Unfolded dimensions 124cm in height 180cm long and 65cm wide
Maximum load 150KG
Gears 8 Gears
Brakes Hydraulic
Suspension Yes

In detail

Power and ride

The upright riding position on the MATE X took a bit of getting used to but gives fantastic visibility - not just your own but for other road users.

Reviewer on the MATE X

With its size and rider height, it’s like the SUV of the electric bike world. It has a presence on the road that in my experience really gives you the upper hand with other road users. Cars give me just that bit more room when they're passing by which makes being on a busy trafficked road way less hair raising.

And it's so comfy. The ride is assisted by the front and back suspension and the 20-inch-by-4-inch all-terrain wheels.

Mate X suspension on rear wheel
Chunky MATE X tyres

Even the ergonomic padded handles add to the pleasure - they make such a difference that you wouldn’t believe until you try them. There is so much less pressure on wrists over bumps etc. So when I say comfy, I mean in your arms as well as your seat.

You also get fine control over your speed - nine levels of electric assistance and an eight-speed gearbox.

Weight and folding

This is a whopping 30 kilograms and so it’s not practical to carry it around (to be honest I can barely lift it).

Reviewer can't lift Mate X after folding

It’s foldable for storage, not for carrying around the station in the morning. It has the same drawbacks at the MATE City, including the chain being on the outside when folded, which can make your clothes dirty if you catch it. 


This bike does look large - and in fact it can carry anyone up to 7 feet tall and 150 kg in weight. I think it looks amazing though - I felt safer because you just can’t miss it, compared to, say, a tiny Brompton.


It now comes with hydraulic brakes as standard. You get a smart display that shows battery level and pedal assist as well as a handy usb charging port.

And the high-tread tyres are good for riding in British, rainy weather.

The last thing to call out is the word MATE on the frame - and I found people do in fact call out "mate" when you're riding along!

And if the MATE X isn't for you, try out the MATE City