Recommended: the best electric bikes and scooters with Black Friday deals

Recommended: the best electric bikes and scooters with Black Friday deals

30 November 2023Richard Beech

Black Friday is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we’re bringing you discounts from all your favorite brands. With more than 40 great deals for ebikes, escooters and electric mopeds, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and your pocket.

ADO Air 20 Electric Bike Black Friday deals

Keep reading to find some of our highlights.

Best Deals

Best Electric Bikes Deals

We’re offering discounts on around 30 ebikes from 10 different brands. From ADO, to Engwe, to Flow or even Wisper, no matter what type of ebike you’re looking for, the chances are, we have a deal on it.

Here are some of our top picks:


Flow District 5

Flow District 5 Black Friday discount

We just want to bring to your attention that the Flow District 5 has a whopping discount of 40%. This lightweight electric bike boasts an impressive range of 60km and is powered by a 250W rear drive motor. Besides being stylish, one of the key features of the District 5 is its removable battery, enabling you to charge conveniently on the go. Designed to offer performance in a compact package, the District 5's convenience of foldable handlebars allows for easy storage and portability.


Tenways CGO800S competition

Tenways CGO800S competition

The Tenways CGO800S retails at £1,899.99 but it could be yours for a tiny fraction of that price if you win our competition.

Recently featured in one of our YouTube videos, our presenter Eilis gave it a glowing review, calling it an ideal bike for commuters. Some of it’s top features include carbon belt drive, hydraulic brakes, removable battery, torque sensor with 0s assist delay, front suspension, a weight of only 19kg and 100km of range.

Check the full details and terms and conditions here

Wisper deals

Wisper Black Friday deals

Just this brand alone has more than 10 deals (that’s pretty much all their ebikes that we have available!), with a maximum discount of £374, so you might want to browse through what they have to offer.

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Best Electric Scooters Deals

We have a total of 10 deals in the escooters category, with discounts ranging from £30 to £250. Some of our favorites are:

Aprilia eSR2 EVO

Aprilia eSR2 EVO Black Friday deals

Our top escooter offer in the Black friday deals this year is definitely the Aprilia eSR2 EVO, with up to 27.8% discount. This escooter performs really well on a variety of terrains thanks to its double suspension. It’s perfect for both novices and more experienced riders, as it gives you a sense of security, especially when going high speeds over bumps in the road.

NAVEE S65 Ultimate Power & Suspension

NAVEE S65 Black Friday deals

Closely behind the Aprilia eSR2 EVO, the NAVEE S65 Ultimate Power & Suspension has a discount of almost £200. This is a lightweight, waterproof escooter with double suspension, Bluetooth APP, and foldable design, that will make your commuting a lot easier and safer.

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Best Electric Mopeds Deals

Eskuta SX-250 Series III

Eskuta SX-250 Series III Black Friday deals

If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered. The new Eskuta SX-250 Series III is an electric bike that’s engineered and built like a motorbike. This electric moped is classed as an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC), so you need no insurance or road tax and at 10p per full charge it's extremely cheap to run. We have a discount of around £100 on this model.

Ex-display and B-stock deals

Ex-display deals

Here you can find some of the products that have either been on display in our showroom, or have been used for testing. Some of them might just be out of the box and unused, and some others might have a couple of cosmetic details. Please check the grading on each product to know where it stands.

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