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Ducati Pro-III - Electric Scooter

Ducati Pro-III - Electric Scooter

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The Ducati Pro-III is probably the most advanced electric scooter on the market right now. It’s insane – but in the best kind of way.

A 350W (average) motor will see you speed away from the traffic lights and eat up the miles with ease, but if you just want to cruise around town the Pro-III offers four different speed settings. Built in KERS will recover energy from you applying the rear brake and convert it into more electric power.

The Ducati Pro-III is also one of the most secure electric scooters out there, where you can only start the scooter if you have the specific NFC Token, like a keyfob.

Oh, and did we mention it looks properly good? Ducati’s Italian styling has definitely come into play here. Bellissimo! 

Scroll down for full spec, as well as our full Electroheads Verdict.

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The Ducati Pro 3 boasts an incredible 50km range, a bright LED display screen with integrated USB port (so you can charge your phone while you use it as a GPS), tubeless 10” tyres and the beautiful Ducati design you expect to see.

It’s still lightweight with a magnesium frame making it easy to fold and carry when needed, but has a 350W motor making it a solid and efficient model.

It comes equipped with both front and rear disk brakes with KERS, meaning you put energy back into the batteries while you brake.

NOTICE: Electric scooters are not to be used on roads, cycle lanes or footpaths in the United Kingdom. Electric scooters are to be used on private land. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to drive your electric scooter within all UK laws, both national and local.

Electroheads Verdict

By Richard Beech (E-Scooter Reviews Expert):

When one of the biggest and most historic names in the world of motorbikes makes an e-scooter, you've got to stand up and take notice.

The Ducati Pro-III certainly doesn't disappoint. Every single aspect of this scooter has been well thought out, and the result is a fun but incredibly efficient scooter.

It feels like every decision has been made in order to eke out as much range as possible, while still building a nimble and quick e-scooter befitting of a motorbike company.

The result is a very impressive 50km range.

There are some great little touches on this scooter that set it apart. The LED display is one of the best I've ever seen on a scooter. A lot of e-scooter displays suffer from glare in sunny conditions, but the Pro-III's display was highly visible in all conditions I tested it in.

My favourite feature is that it has its own NFC key fob for an extra layer of security from thieves.

All in all, this is a fantastic daily rider.


FRAME: Magnesium alloy

TYRES: 10”

BRAKES: Front and rear disc brakes, KERS

SPEED: Up to 25km/h (max speed)

MAX LOAD: 100kg

MOTOR TYPE: 350W brushless

BATTERY: 36V, 13.0Ah, 468Wh

CHARGING TIME: About 9 hours

DISPLAY: 3.2” LED display with USB port

WEATHER RATING: IPX4 (can withstand light rain, some surface water, mist/fog).

RANGE: Up to 50km

WEIGHT: 17.5kg

LIGHT: Front and rear LED lights

Shipping and Warranty

We offer free express delivery and a 12 month warranty for all Ducati and Scrambler scooters. Please see our "Refunds" section for more information on warranty.

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