Hunter Board - Electric Skateboard



These built-to-order, high-end electric skateboards are quality throughout. A fast top speed, an innovative suspension system and five riding modes mean the Hunter will suit any rider - and we tune the board to your weight before it ships. At just 9kg, they're easy to carry and a delight to ride.

You get up to 24-miles (38km) range from the Hunter, assisted by its regenerative batteries. Top speed is 31mph (50kph) with suspension, anti-wobble technology and five different ride modes and quality parts to ensure a stable, comfortable ride.

The Hunter Board is engineered and designed to a standard not seen before. It's a masterpiece made of space-grade aluminium and with confidence-boosting agility thanks to its brilliant suspension system.

It did take us time to get used to it - but once we were familiar with the dynamics of the front-axis steering, it became an amazing experience to ride. (Existing skateboard or longboard riders will also find it somewhat unnatural at first.)

But thanks to the 3600 watts of power, it might be one of the fastest accelerating boards we've ever ridden. You have to really lean forward to compensate for the acceleration and thanks to that front-steering axis, it has the most incredible stability at high speeds.

The suspension arms are completely independent of the steering system and we found it agile and stable even on rough terrain.

The removable battery is neatly designed to be part of the deck, so there are no bulky battery cells dangling under the board. This might be one of our favourite features as it gives huge ground clearance, useful for both pavement kerbs and rough terrain, which it handled with ease.

• Top Speed: 50 kph (31 mph)
• Range: 38 km (24 miles)
• Batteries: Easy swap (333 Wh)
• Motor: 3600W direct drive
• Incline: 30% hill climbing
• Ride modes: Soft, Cruising, Rain, Sport and Custom

• Suspension: Yes
• Water Resistant: Yes
• Made: Designed and made in Europe from 7075-T6 Premium Space-Grade Aluminum
• Weight: 9 kg (19 lbs)
• Size: 925 mm (length) x 253 mm (width) x 145 mm (height)

• Agile Turning System: Yes
• Anti-Wobble Technology: Yes
• Regenerative Brakes: Yes

Delivery one to two weeks after purchase. Free shipping to UK, US, Canada and Europe.

30-day Risk Free Trial. If you don't like it, Hunter will take it back for a free and full refund.

Two-year warranty from Hunter.

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Amelia SaberwalForme Buxton Pro-E - Verified Buyer

After following Electroheads on YouTube I bought an electric bike. I thought the reviews were really robust and now I have the product they were bang on. The team were so helpful and answered all my questions before buying.
Will definitely buy from them again!


Aris DonahueEstarli e28 - Verified Buyer

I took a look at the tenways, but I ended up going for a Estarli e28 pro - pretty simliar price and specs.


Daniel HogarthJeep Camou - verified buyer

The jeep camou 2xe has been a game changer. I love riding it, and I'm saving money on fuel. The scooter is fantastic, and the service from Electroheads was great, and the product arrived promptly.