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Litelok Core Plus (Black 100cm)

Litelok Core Plus (Black 100cm)

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The ideal lock for securing electric bikes. It has maximum security (the independent Sold Secure testing organisation awarded this its highest Bicycle Diamond rating.) The 100cm length makes it good for ebikes which are often chunkier than standard bicycles. And for such a secure lock, it's not too heavy.

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The Litelok core plus has a 100cm locking length, so you can easily attach it to even thick lampposts. The box includes a universal, adjustable wearable kit, so you can safely wear it round your waist while cycling. You get adjustable frame mounts and wrap straps to coil your lock for easier storage. The lock comes with three keys and a unique code so you can order replacements if needed.

Electroheads Verdict

Unsurprisingly, this Diamond-rated lock is very secure - we're talking thieves needing angle grinders to defeat it.
More surprising is how easy it is to lock to things - the 100cm, pre-bent loop is a cinch to get through the bike and round a lamppost.
And I was most surprised by the weight. It's not light - but for a lock this secure, it's not heavy. You can mount it to the frame or wear it - I'd recommend this longer 100cm length even if it means it's too big for your waist as it gives so many locking options. If you do want to wear it, the 75cm version (also available on the electroheads store) fits waist sizes from 28"(70cm) - 41"(106cm).


Length: 100cm
Weight: 2.25kg (4.9lbs)
Material: High-tensile steel core, steel exoskeleton protection with a plant based biopolymer. Outer abrasion sleeve.
Wearable waist size: 42"(108cm) - 54"(136cm).

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