Do you want free pizza next Wednesday? Yes, totally free!

Do you want free pizza next Wednesday? Yes, totally free!

Sep 28, 2022Electroheads Editorial

Can't get out the office to buy lunch? Sick and tired of getting the same boring meal deal day after day? Too busy to even think about lunch?

We've got you covered. Next Wednesday, Eilis will be cramming a Citroen Ami Cargo with as many margherita pizzas as possible from our friends at Bad Boy Pizza Society, and will be delivering them during a busy London lunchtime.

Mentored by the YouTube delivery star LondonEats, you'll get your COMPLETELY FREE pizza as part of an upcoming video on our channel.

If you, your office, and your mates want some free, yes FREE, fresh pizzas delivered to you on Wednesday lunchtime then fill out the Google Form below to be in with a chance!

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